Daredevil’s New Costume Showcased in Best Look Yet at Ninja Redesign


Warning: SPOILERS ahead for DaredevilFans are getting the most detailed look yet at the costume Daredevil is taking on as he embraces his most high-stakes mission ever. A variant cover for Daredevil #5 shows off Matt Murdock’s new ninja-inspired design for the Red Fist Saga.

As is usually the case, Matt Murdock has been through the ringer in the latest chapter of his life. Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto’s run on the character has seen Matt accidentally kill a man, serve time in prison, and fight his old nemesis, Wilson Fisk, on a level that’s pushed the character to his limits. But Daredevil and his love, Elektra, have a lot of work left to do. With the world at large thinking him dead, Matt has teamed up with Elektra, now a fellow Daredevil, to embark on a mission that could very well get them both killed: taking down the ninja cult known as the Hand for good.


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As Matt prepares go all-in in this new adventure, it’s only natural he gets a new costume to mark this dark period of his life. While fans have already seen Murdock’s new threads on the cover of Daredevil #4, manwithoutfear.com’s Twitter account provided a much better look at Daredevil’s new costume. The art comes from Marco Checchetto’s 1:10 design variant cover for Daredevil #5. While there are a lot of elements that one would expect from a Daredevil costume, such as the red coloring, the horns and, of course, a side attachment for Matt’s iconic billy club weapon. But there are a number of new touches to the design, such as a hood, over-sized collar, black leggings and red gauntlets accented by some fearsome looking spikes. All of Matt’s new and old elements come together to give Daredevil a distinctive ninja-like appearance.

Daredevil’s New Ninja Costume Works for His New Mission

For any fans wondering if this really is Daredevil’s new costume, it has been confirmed by Daredevil writer Chip Zdarsky on his personal Substack newsletter. For some time now, Matt has been wondering about his place in the world and whether what he’s doing as Daredevil has any impact. Going after the Hand is no doubt going to have a huge effect on the Marvel Universe, but in order to truly defeat them, he’s going to have to fight them on their terms. This new outfit could signify just how much Matt is committed to defeating the Hand once and for all.

For years, one thing that’s tempered Daredevil was his Catholic faith and his belief in the law. Both have been shaken as of late thanks to some recent experiences. Now more than ever, Matt recognizes that he may have to take serious action if he wants to rid the world of the Hand. Matt has always incorporated some ninja-like elements in his crime-fighting career, but he’s going to have to adopt every bit of training he has if he’s going to take on the Hand, especially with the Punisher leading them. Daredevil’s new costume reflects how Matt Murdock is seriously changing his style to defeat his enemies for good.

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