Daredevil’s 10 Best Quotes From The Comics


Matt Murdock’s long-awaited appearance in She-Hulk: Attorney At Law finally happened in Episode 8 of the Disney+ series and there was plenty to leave fans intrigued. Not only did the Hell’s Kitchen vigilante show up in a new costume, but he was also romantically paired with Jennifer Walters, aka, She-Hulk. The development was an interesting one since the two superheroes never date in the comics.

It’s no surprise that Matt charmed his way into Jennifer’s heart. He does have the same personal and professional interests as her. In addition to that, he is the only well-intentioned man she has met in the series. As for flirting, Matt has always been a great conversationalist a trait hinted at in the MCU but even more profound in the comics.


“Sometimes Even The Bull May Win… Matador!”

Daredevil #5

Matt gets beaten by Eleganto several times when he tries to prevent the professional matador from committing crimes. And when he gets a victory, he makes sure to brag about it.

It’s a creative remark which is rather accurate since professional matadors tend to have their ways with bulls most of the time, but there is always a single time when the bull gets the upper hand. It applies to real-life and fictional criminals in general, since it’s always a matter of time before the crime streak comes to an end.

“You Called Me Street Level Earlier? I Call It People Level.”

Daredevil (Vol 6) #22

When Matt and Tony Stark get into an argument over tactics, the Stark Industries CEO decides to shade the lawyer for his tendency to only operate within Hell’s Kitchen, New York. Matt argues that he doesn’t necessarily lack ambition, he just cares more about the people.

It isn’t unexpected for Tony to look down on Matt. He is not only a billionaire, but he has also dealt with universal threats, including helping to defeat some of Marvel’s most powerful villains across the universe. As for Matt, he is more attached to his people, and he sees no point in globetrotting or making inter-planet voyages when there is still so much work to do in his neighborhood. In addition to that, he has a very packed schedule as a lawyer.

“No Use Crying Over Spilled Toxic Waste.”

Daredevil Father (Vol 1) #2

Inside his office, Matt takes a moment to think about the unfortunate things that have happened in his life. But within seconds, he realizes that there is no need to pity himself.

It’s a creative take on the “cry over spilled milk” phrase because Matt applies it to his own circumstances, having been blinded by spilled toxic waste when he was a child. As much as he hates not being able to see, he reasons that he’d rather continue having a positive outlook toward his life like he always has, rather than wish things were different.

“Consider My Ban On Killing Hereby Lifted! Slay Them All!”

Shadowland #3

Matt’s mind becomes corrupted by the Snakeroot cult when he becomes the leader of The Hand. And when he faces off against Iron Fist, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Moon-Knight, and Shang-Chi, he orders his new colleagues to kill them all.

Like many other popular heroes, Matt ordinarily has a No-Kill rule, which is why the declaration comes off as a shocker to his former buddies. But to readers, it isn’t such a huge surprise since it’s always mandatory for the minds of popular superheroes to get corrupted at some point. Luckily, Matt doesn’t quite manage to “slay them all.”

“As Daredevil, I Get To Save The World. As A Lawyer… Maybe I Can Fix It. I Need Them Both.”

Daredevil (Vol 5) #25

When Foggy wonders why Matt has to be both a lawyer and a vigilante, he explains it to him. And for once, Foggy gets to see things from his law firm partner’s perspective.

Many heroes live double lives, but few make solid arguments like Matt as to why they need to do so. As a lawyer, explaining things is definitely easier for them and he makes it clear that Daredevil is necessary to capture the criminals while Matt is required in order to make sure justice gets served to the victims in court.

“Suddenly, I Miss Ninjas.”

Daredevil (Vol 3) #3

Matt has a difficult time dealing with the villain, Klaw, who captures him and weakens his senses. After several rounds of torture, he confesses that he misses the time he only used to fight ninjas.

The superhero is referring to his stint as the leader of The Hand in Japan, where most of his opponents were martial arts experts. To him, dealing with them was easier because fighting is something he is perfect at. Klaw, on the other hand, proves to be a tougher foe because he seeks to make Matt powerless rather than just beat him up.

“The Book Says Wherein Thou Judgest Another, Thou Condemnest Thyself.”

Daredevil #194

Kingpin’s former counterfeiter, Jeremiah Jenk, hires Matt to help convince the Council of the Elders to let him back into the fold. And the lawyer tries everything he can, including quoting bible verses.

As much as Kingpin is one of Daredevil’s greatest enemies, the lawyer has no problem representing someone who used to work for him. After all, he has always believed in fairness. More importantly, he believes in doing all he can to make sure his clients come out on top and if that means playing into the emotions of the Elders by quoting bible verses, so be it.

“All My Senses Were Heightened… Except For Common Sense.”

Daredevil (Vol 1) #58

Matt finally gathers the courage to propose to Karen Page. However, while at it, he mildly scolds himself, stating that his senses of taste, touch, and smell are all too good, but one thing he lacked was the common sense to tell Page earlier that he loved her.

It’s indeed an unforgettable romantic moment and one that explains why Matt and Page are one of the best Marvel couples. Given how much Page means to him, and how dangerous his job is, Matt regrets never telling her how much she meant to him. After all, if he had died during any of his fights, she might never have known.

“If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Get Out Of Hell’s Kitchen.”

Daredevil (Vol 1) #237

After a string of defeats, Klaw tries to rebuild his reputation by causing havoc in Hell’s Kitchen once again. Unfortunately for him, he gets brutalized by Matt.

Matt can always be expected to mock opponents after beating them, and he gladly does so again here, letting him know that Hell’s Kitchen is too well-protected for him to attempt anything. And the vigilante has every right to feel good about defeating Klaw since he is the same villain that once weakened all his senses.

“I Can See At Last!”

Daredevil (Vol 1) #38

One of the legendary Fantastic Four villains, Doctor Doom captures Matt and uses a body transferal device to switch bodies with him. He then goes after the four superheroes in his guise as Daredevil. As for Matt, he finally gets to see after becoming Doctor Doom.

Even though the circumstances are unfortunate, it’s a joyous moment for Daredevil and his fans as he gets to see just how much better Hell’s Kitchen has become ever since he became a superhero. All the new visual images prove essential for his work when he eventually gets his body back.

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