Daniel Craig Receives Same Royal Honor As James Bond


Daniel Craig receives the Order of Saint Michael and Saint George, the same royal honor held by his character in the James Bond franchise.

Over a year after he last portrayed the character, Daniel Craig receives the same royal honor as James Bond. The English actor made his debut as the suave MI6 super-spy in 2006’s Casino Royale. Though his casting as 007 was initially met with skepticism, his performance become more acclaimed with each installment, including Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, and Spectre. Craig’s swan song came in last year’s pandemic-delayed No Time to Die, which decided to kill off his iteration of Bond in unprecedented fashion during the film’s moments.


While Craig has seemingly delivered his final performance as Bond in No Time to Die, his incredible legacy remains. The actor not only left his mark on Bond by re-shaping the character in many ways but redefined the franchise itself with a more serious and physical take on the super-spy, all while elevating the popularity of 007. Earlier this year, a real-world tombstone was erected at No Time to Die‘s ending location on Kalsoy Island to respect and honor Craig’s Bond. As the actor and character’s legacy has become intertwined, Craig has been bestowed with another incredible honor.

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Today, Craig received the same royal honor held by Bond. Shared by The Royal Family Twitter account, a photo shows Princess Anne awarding Craig the Order of Saint Michael and Saint George “in recognition of his outstanding contribution to film and theater.” Check out the announcement accompanied by the photo above.

The Next James Bond Actor Has A Lot To Live Up To

A real British order of chivalry founded in 1818, the Order of St Michael and St George is the same honor held by Bond. In Craig’s movies, the award is mentioned as part of Bond’s obituary in 2012’s Skyfall. In Ian Fleming’s novels, on which the film franchise is based, it is mentioned that Bond received the royal distinction in From Russia, with Love and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. In fact, this isn’t even the first time Craig has received a title also held by his career-defining character. Last year, Craig received the rank of an honorary commander in the Royal Navy, the same title that Bond holds.

With Craig’s Bond being so beloved that he has been showered with real royal honors and military rankings, the next actor to play the role surely has a lot to live up to. The seventh Bond actor not only reinvented the long-running franchise but left an inedible mark on the character himself. This poses some major challenges for the next actor to embody the role. James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli says they haven’t even begun their search for Craig’s replacement, though whomever they eventually find, they will undoubtedly have a high bar to meet.

Source: The Royal Family

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