Damian Definitively Proved He Was the Best Robin With One Gift to Batman


Damian Wayne may have had problems with empathy in his early days as Robin, but now he’s one of the best gift-givers in the whole DC Universe.

Damian Wayne started off as one of the most brutal Robins to ever take up the mantle, but despite this, he still managed to give his father Batman the greatest gift that anyone ever has. Damian has actually given numerous gifts to different people, and they’ve all been surprisingly heartfelt, but the gift he gave to Bruce was the greatest of them all.

Damian lived a difficult life, being born into the League of Assassins and raised by his mother, Talia al Ghul, and his grandfather, Ra’s al Ghul. He was trained from a young age to be the perfect killer and successor to Ra’s al Ghul’s legacy. But eventually he became curious about his father and wanted to meet him, Talia obliged and left him with Bruce for a while, who allowed Damian to become his Robin. The boy eventually decided he liked Bruce’s way of life better. From then on Damian did everything to be a hero, but he still struggled with empathy, especially at the start.


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The Bat-Family has spent a lot of time together and given each other a lot of gifts over the years, but in a surprising twist, it seems the best gift giver of the Bat-Family is actually the one who had the hardest time relating to anyone else. In Batman and Robin Annual #2 by Peter Tomasi and Doug Mahnke, Bruce finds a gift left by Damian. Since at this point in the comics Damian has been killed by Heretic, the gift is really for Nightwing and harkens back to a conversation they had where Nightwing told the story of a villain named Tusk who escaped Nightwing. The gift is the tusk of Tusk, showing that Damian managed to track down the missing villain and defeat him. Damian also finished a family portrait as a gift to Alfred in Batman and Robin #40 by Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason.

Damian Proves He Cares About Bruce With One Heartfelt Gesture

While all of these gifts were wonderful, they pale in comparison to the greatest gift he ever gave his father. After learning about what happened to Bruce in Crime Alley, Damian spends months in the sewers beneath the street, searching for a pearl from Martha Wayne’s necklace. Eventually, he does manage to recover one of the lost pearls and presents it as a gift to his father, which is seen in Batman and Robin #14 by Peter Tomas, Patrick Gleason and Tomás Giorello. The fact he was able to recover a pearl from the sewers after almost 30 years surely makes this the most impressive gift any Robin has ever given Batman.

Damian Wayne had an extremely difficult childhood and had an absurd amount of difficulty relating to others when he first appeared in comics. Over time though the young Robin became one of the most caring members of the Bat-Family, as shown in his heartwarming gift to his father, Batman.

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