Cyberpunk 2077: Every Motorcycle Ranked From Slowest To Fastest


Following the popular Netflix release of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners in September 2022, fans new and old have begun to venture to (or back) Night City to play the sprawling open-world game. In early October, CD Projekt Red tweeted plans to produce a sequel to Cyberpunk 2077, which couldn’t be more exciting for sci-fi RPG’s devoted fans.

As gamers venture to Night City as newcomers or revisit Cyberpunk 2077 for the first time in a while, it’ll help to know which of the game’s attainable motorcycles reach the fastest speeds.


8/8 Brennan Apollo Basic Model – 136 MPH

The cheapest, easiest-to-find and most basic motorcycle to use in Cyberpunk 2077 is the default model for the Brennan Apollo Basic. By design, the Brennan Apollo Basic is meant to be a simple yet affordable means of transportation for players to use early in the game when they can’t afford speedier bikes nor have the expertise to ride them.

Oddly enough, in Cyberpunk 2077, various models of the same motorcycle make carry very similar top-speed scores. And while the Brennan Apollo Basic can reach 136 MPH, the fact it’s a small, single-seater with a lackluster design means it should be reserved for beginners learning how to drive in the sizable open-world video game. To obtain the Brennan Apollo Basic, players must steal one from an NPC since they are not officially attainable for players.

7/8 Brennan Apollo (Off-Road & Sportbike) – 138 MPH

A slight upgrade to the Basic default model, the Brennan Apollo can be purchased from Sebastian Ibarra for 30,000 eddies. One can also be found behind the Dicky Twister nightclub in Vista del Rey. While it can reach a top speed of 138 MPH, the Brennan Apollo really separates itself from the Basic model due to its excellent off-road handling.

Similarly, the Brennan Apollo Sportbike boasts the exact same mechanical specs as the off-road version, including a top speed of 138 MPH, 94 Horsepower, rear-wheel drivetrain, and weight of 503. Alas, unlike the purchasable off-road model, the sportbike is unattainable by players in the game and reserved for NPCs.

6/8 Brennan Apollo Scorpion – 138 MPH

Equipped with a killer paint job, the Brennan Apollo Scorpion is a fancier version of the Brennan Apollo Off-Road motorcycle that bears the exact same specs and stats in the acclaimed open-world shooter game. The single-seat Scorpion utilizes an Entropistic style (function over fashion) to crank out 94 HP to reach a top speed of 138 MPH. The motorcycle is also RWD and carries a weight of 503.

While the top speeds are on par with the other Brennan Apollo models, the Scorpion is able to accelerate faster due to the lack of luggage and extra weight that has been deliberately stripped down. Players will be rewarded the Scorpion by completing the Life During Wartime mission.

5/8 ARCH Nazare – 178 MPH

Boasting a Neokitsch style that marries high fashion and function, the ARCH Nazare uses 170 Horsepower to reach a top speed of 178 MPH. Despite being heavier than the Brennan Apollo models, the RWD one-seater can accelerate much faster, especially on paved highways and city roads. Even cooler, it’s modeled after the real-life ARCH Method 143 motorcycle.

The ARCH Nazare can be obtained with 40 Street Cred or by giving 71,000 eddies (138,000 in patch 1.5) to top fixer Wakako Okada. Players can also find one in the Shinto Shrine parking lot in North Oak, Westbrook.

4/8 ARCH Nazare Itsumade – 178 MPH

A dazzling decorative mod of the ARCH Nazare, the Itsumade is essentially a much more attractive-looking version of the speedy street motorcycle. The specs of the RWD single-seater include a weight of 661 to go with 170 HP, which can crank out a top speed of 178 MPH. As cool as the bike is to look, the differences are purely cosmetic.

Once belonging to a Tyger Claws boss, the motorcycle was stolen by Josie and stashed. As such, acquiring it requires completing the Highwayman mission. However, players can also find the bike in a garage in Northside, Watson next to the food plant. By punching in code “0214,” players can open the garage and access the bike.

3/8 Jackie’s ARCH – 178 MPH

Previously owned by Jackie Wells, Jackie’s ARCH is another customized modification of the standard ARCH Nazare to drive in the super-popular sci-fi RPG. The speedy single-seater can also reach 178 MPH by utilizing 170 HP, and thanks to its balanced Neokitsch design, fuses style and substance to reach top performance in the mega-popular open-world game.

If Jackie’s body was sent to his family or left in the car during The Heist, his mother will give V the keys to Jackie’s ARCH as a reward for completing the Heroes mission. If Jackie’s corpse was delivered to Viktor Vektor, Jackie’s ARCH will be rewarded at the end of an alternate Heroes playthrough.

2/8 Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X – 189 MPH

The fastest motorcycle in Cyberpunk 2077 is the Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X, aka the Akira bike, which can reach a top speed of 189 MPH by cranking out 183 Horsepower. While it’s heavier than the others (820 weight), the unique Neomilitaristic design prioritizes substance over style to leave other vehicles in the dust when speeding through the content-rich open-world video game.

Players can obtain a Kusanagi CT-3X by dolling out 58,000 eddies to Wakako Okada or by taking one from the parking lot located near the “Skyline & Salinas” Data Term in Japantown, Westbrook. If players are short of cash, 12 Street Cred will be good enough to acquire a Kusanagi CT-3X.

1/8 Yaiba Kusanagi Mizuchi Tyger Claw Custom – 189 MPH

The Yaiba Kusanagi Mizuchi Tyger Claw Custom is a modified variant of the CT-X3 that also boasts a top speed of 189 MPH, which ranks the 5th fastest vehicle in the entire game. Oddly enough, despite boasting the exact same specs and stats as the CT-3X, the Mizuchi vastly differs in appearance thanks to its saddle, high backrest, and more detailed interior casing.

Unfortunately, the Kusanagi Mizuchi is not available to purchase in Cyberpunk 2077, meaning those who want to give it a joyride through Night City will have to steal one from the streets. One area to check is Deravaja Dojo where the bike often spawns.

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