Cowboy Bebop RPG Brings Spike Spiegel & Faye Valentine To Your Tabletop


The Kickstarter campaign for a brand-new Cowboy Bebop tabletop RPG is about to get underway, bringing fans one step closer to touring the stars with Spike Spiegel and Faye Valentine. Shinichiro Watanabe’s sci-fi anime epic is still considered a classic over two decades after it first aired thanks to its imaginative setting, memorable characters, stylish animation, and catchy jazz soundtrack.

Cowboy Bebop has been credited as an entry point for many anime fans in the west, and has spawned a theatrical film, two manga tie-in series, a less-beloved and short-lived live-action Netflix adaptation, and even a pair of video games that sadly never saw an English release. Last year, Cowboy Bebop studio Sunrise announced that it was partnering with Mana Project Studio and Don’t Panic Games to produce a core rulebook for a Cowboy Bebop tabletop RPG, having already produced similar games for Attack on Titan and Naruto in addition to the Cowboy Bebop: Space Serenade card game. Now, further details about the new Cowboy Bebop RPG have been revealed, as well as how eager fans can help fund this exciting project.


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Earlier this week, Mana Project Studio and Don’t Panic Games put out a press release announcing that the Kickstarter campaign for Cowboy Bebop: The Role-Playing Game is launching on October 19 at 11:00 AM EST. Cowboy Bebop: the Role Playing Game is being designed by Davide Milano, the acclaimed game designer of Historia, alongside the award-winning Italian authors Fumble. According to the recent press statement, Cowboy Bebop: The Role-Playing Game will allow fans to channel the Cowboy Bebop fantasy of living as a bounty hunter in space, enjoying all the fruits of the series’ aesthetic influences, such as Film Noir and budy cop films. A release window for Cowboy Bebop: The Role-Playing Game is tentatively set for near the end of 2023.

Cowboy Bebop RPG Kickstarter Begins This Week

Kickstarter has helped several board games and tabletop RPGs based on various properties see release over the past few years, including ones inspired by popular video games. Last summer, The Witcher: Old World shattered its original Kickstarter record five times over, which led to its eventual release in June. More recently, Steamforged Games announced that it would be producing a board game based on Elden Ring, with a Kickstarter campaign going live on November 22.

Cowboy Bebop is considered by many to be one of the greatest and most influential anime series of all time, and its sci-fi setting and wide range of iconic characters could lend themselves well to a tabletop RPG. Cowboy Bebop: The Role-Playing Game looks to be exactly that, and it will be even closer to release once its Kickstarter campaign goes live later this week.

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