Coral Island: How To Fast Travel


To unlock fast travel in Coral Island, players must complete one of the first Main Quests involving an encounter with the Lake Temple Goddess.

While fast travel might not be a feature that all players use in Coral Island, it undoubtedly makes traversal across the map much more convenient and can save accumulated travel time. Similar to Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s Wishing Wells or Stardew Valley‘s Warp Totems, Coral Island features several stone lamps on its map that can be used to go from one location to another instantly. This enables farming sim fans to meet with NPCs and complete their tasks or quest objectives with ease.


However, these stone lamps are inactive at the start of the game. To activate them and unlock fast travel in Coral Island, players must follow the Main Questline to start “Mythical Dream,” a quest that triggers after the player protagonist has a peculiar dream after going to sleep. As players complete this mission’s objectives, they will eventually be tasked with meeting the Goddess of the island at the Lake Temple. Players must head west from their home past Garden Lane to reach this location and into the Woodlands. From here, they must continue westward to find the Lake with the sacred temple.

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After speaking with the Goddess, players will receive their next assignment of making Temple Offerings to restore the deity’s power. These Temple Offerings are a very similar mechanic to the Community Center Bundles from Stardew Valley. Select “Essential Resources” and place five of the seven required resources into the slots of the altar to complete the offering. These items can be found around the Forest and farmland of the players’ home.

Unlocking The Recycling Machine For Fast Travel In Coral Island

Once the Temple Offering for the Essential Resources Altar has been completed, players will unlock the Recycling Machine and the ability to Fast Travel in Coral Island. However, this only includes the stone lamps on the Farm and Lake Temple. Players will likely be able to unlock more fast travel points as they progress through the Main Quests. On the other hand, there is a third fast travel point that players can unlock early on at the Forest Caverns.

The Forest Cavern is a location northwest of the players’ home where ores and minerals can be mined for crafting and selling. If players interact with the inscription on the location’s fast-travel stone lamp, a riddle will appear stating that islanders must “reach the bottom of the earth.” According to the YouTube channel GosuNoob, this riddle means that players must descend to Level 15 of the Forest Cavern to activate the stone lamp. Once this feat has been accomplished, fans will be able to fast travel to the mines in Coral Island.

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Source: YouTube/GosuNoob

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