Cobra Kai Season 6 Faces A Dojo Problem After Terry Silver’s Defeat


Terry Silver’s defeat in Cobra Kai season 5 ends all rivalries and bad blood for good – yet, it spells a major dojo problem for Cobra Kai season 6.

Cobra Kai season 5 brings a satisfying conclusion to almost all rivalries and bad blood, but Terry Silver’s eventual defeat against Daniel creates a major dojo problem for season 6. Following Tory’s All Valley win in Cobra Kai season 4, Silver reigns supreme with his impregnable dojo domination plan. While he is at it, Daniel LaRusso brings in Chozen to help him find a way to stop Silver. However, to his dismay, despite having his old Okinawan archenemy by his side, Daniel fails to find Silver’s proverbial Achilles heel.


The tides begin to turn when Tory’s guilt gets the best of her, and she confesses to Sam that Silver cheated at the All Valley Tournament. Towards the end of Cobra Kai season 5, new rivalries break loose when Tory joins forces with Daniel and Lawrence’s Miyagi Fang. In the finale, Miyagi Fang dukes it out with Cobra Kai to expose Silver’s crimes, and to bring a perfect closure to Silver’s evil schemes, Daniel gives him a taste of his own fighting style before defeating him with his signature Karate Kid crane kick.

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All ends well for Miyagi Fang in Cobra Kai season 5, but Silver’s downfall could cause some narrative challenges for Cobra Kai‘s writers in season 6. With Terry Silver out of the way, most Cobra Kai students have two choices: leave karate for good or join the Miyagi Fang dojo to compete in the Sekai Takai. If they end up joining Miyagi Fang, Cobra Kai will face the challenge of dividing its runtime between way too many primary characters on one side. If Silver’s students leave karate, they will likely meet the same fate as Aisha, who only made a brief appearance in Cobra Kai season 4, despite having a well-developed character arc in seasons 1 and 2.

Terry Silver’s Downfall Spells Trouble For Cobra Kai Season 6

Cobra Kai season 5 also hints that Miyagi Fang students will compete in the Sekai Takai tournament in Cobra Kai season 6. This could have been a perfect setup for an ultimate Miyagi Fang vs. Cobra Kai showdown, but season 5’s finale removes this prospect by resolving almost all conflicts. With old rivalries settled, Cobra Kai season 6 will likely add new antagonists to the mix, which could again spell limited screen time for many old primary characters. While it is natural for most long-running series to inexplicably remove or sideline characters along the way, too many characters hold significant weight in Cobra Kai‘s overarching narrative. Suddenly erasing any of these leading characters could leave some narrative inconsistencies in the show’s storyline.

Given that Cobra Kai season 6 could end the series for good, it is responsible for bringing a well-rounded climax to the show’s legacy. This makes it all the more challenging for Cobra Kai‘s writers to tie all loose threads and conclusively end every character arc that has played out so far. However, considering how they have done an incredible job at managing Cobra Kai‘s vast roster of characters in the first five seasons, the show will likely get the conclusion its deserves in season 6, despite the challenges.


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