Cobra Kai S5’s Ending Doesn’t Mean Terry Silver Is Going To Prison


Terry Silver’s ending in the Cobra Kai season 5 finale doesn’t mean he’s going to prison. Minutes after his defeat at the hands of Daniel, Silver was arrested and shoved into a police car. The implication of the scene was that The Karate Kid Part III villain would finally have to answer for the wrongdoings he’s committed over the last few months.

It’s worth noting that the Cobra Kai season 5 finale doesn’t actually provide any assurance that Silver is headed to prison. When he was arrested, Daniel made a remark about how difficult it would be for his lawyers to get him out of this jam. In other words, Silver is only facing the threat of prison time. Theoretically, he could still avoid being sentenced by relying on an excellent team of lawyers. Kreese couldn’t get out of an attempted murder charge when he was accused of attacking Stingray, but the difference between these two cases is that Kreese lacked money and connections. Silver, on the other hand, is in a much better position to win a legal battle.


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Silver Avoiding Prison Wouldn’t Undermine His Season 5 Defeat

One potential concern with Cobra Kai opting against putting Terry Silver behind bars is the idea that it might undermine season 5’s story. After all, the main characters spent all season trying to bring him down. However, Cobra Kai can easily get around this problem. It’s important to keep in mind that the season 5 finale was a major loss for Silver (and a victory for Daniel) regardless of whether or not he actually goes to prison. Daniel, Chozen, Johnny, and the kids wanted to destroy Silver’s influence – and that’s exactly what they did. Silver can remain a free man without Cobra Kai undoing that win.

What Terry Silver’s Cobra Kai Season 6 Story Could Be

Giving Silver something meaningful to do in Cobra Kai season 6 could be challenging, considering that he’s in no position to continue a dojo war with Daniel, Johnny, and Chozen. Instead, it could explore loose ends related to the character. Various hints have indicated that Silver has a medical condition, which may or may not be a terminal illness. If that’s true, that could be used as the backbone of a deeply emotional arc for Silver in the episodes to come. That could even involve a journey toward redemption. Silver had turned his life around once before, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility that he’ll try to get back on a better path for a second time.

Silver’s story in Cobra Kai season 6 could also coincide with what comes next for Martin Kove’s John Kreese. Putting Silver in prison could potentially create complications for Kreese’s story, especially since his character promised revenge when he was hauled away by police in the season 4 finale. He can’t get payback if his biggest enemy goes to prison immediately after Kreese gets out.

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