Cobra Kai Hawk Actor Reveals What He Wants To See Happen In Season 6


Cobra Kai star Jacob Bertrand shares his hopes for a potential season 6, explaining that he would like to see the Netflix series go international.

Warning: Spoilers for Cobra Kai season 5.Jacob Bertrand, who plays Hawk on Cobra Kai, reveals what he hopes to see if the series is renewed for season 6. Returning to Netflix in September, the Karate Kid spinoff left audiences in a state of surprise, but not because of any particular twist or cliffhanger. It was that Cobra Kai finally seemed to end all of its major rivalries, essentially cutting off the animosity that had fueled the series since its very inception. More than working together for the sake of bringing down Terry Silver, Cobra Kai‘s former sworn enemies have become friends. At the very least, they’ve reached a level of understanding that seemed unfathomable at one point.


That storytelling decision has led some viewers to wonder what the future of Cobra Kai looks like without the reliable tension between Daniel and Johnny. For the younger set, there is the question of what it means now that Sam and Tory have made peace. The same goes for Miguel and Robby, who have even seemed to enjoy each other’s company. Cobra Kai season 6 hasn’t been renewed and may be delayed due to the co-creators being involved in other projects. If it does happen, though, Bertrand has a clear idea of what he’d like to see.

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Speaking with PopCulture, Bertrand reveals that he would love for there to be a world tournament in Cobra Kai season 6. The actor talks about how the story has been mostly confined to one setting so far, and how it would be cool to introduce new players from different corners. You can read Bertrand’s quote below.

“I would love if Cobra Kai got renewed. That’d be fun. I really want to go to the world tournament. I think the world tournament would be super interesting because right now, it’s just confined to The Valley of Karate, you know? But I think it’d be really cool to introduce some crazy new players from all around the world. Yeah, and I’m sure Hawk can win at least a couple of fights.”

Why Cobra Kai Season 6 Should Go Global

There was one mention during Cobra Kai season 5 that hinted at one possible path for the Karate Kid sequel series. An international karate tournament called the Sekai Taikai was name-dropped, with the karate gathering known for featuring the very best martial arts fighters from around the globe. The Cobra Kai writers have indicated that they’re open to exploring this avenue further, and it would serve as a logical progression. While rivalries are built into the very fabric of Cobra Kai, and Karate Kid before it, this would allow the show to create new ones rather than dealing in what came before. Plus, opening the door for newer characters with different skills could push the current cast to grow even more.

It should be noted that Cobra Kai season 5 ended with the tease of Kreese escaping prison. He’s seemingly hellbent on revenge and rebuilding his dojo. While this could prove interesting as a secondary plot, it’s similarly rehashing a familiar story for the series. Bertrand is right that, if handled well, a global showdown could be just what’s needed to keep the Netflix hit fresh and exciting.

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