Chucky Makes A Child’s Play 2 Detail So Much Worse In Season 2


WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Chucky season 2, episode 1Chucky season 2’s premiere offers a dark callback to Child’s Play 2. The follow-up season sees the killer doll returning to his old murderous ways by immediately growing his list of victims. Part of this return features him terrorizing Jake Wheeler, Devon Evans, and Lexi Cross after his defeat in the first season. In doing so, Chucky crosses a line that makes said detail from its preceding film much worse.


In Chucky season 1, Jake becomes the titular villainous doll’s primary enemy after the latter fails to corrupt him into becoming just as murderous as him. After Chucky’s defeat in season 1, this rivalry boils over into Chucky season 2, where another possessed Good Guy doll terrorizes Jake, Devon, and Lexi through threatening phone calls. This eventually leads to a showdown that results in the tragic death of someone close to Jake. Said death is what makes the Child’s Play 2 callback so disturbing.

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After Chucky murders his family members, Jake is sent to live with a foster family in Salem, New Jersey, where he strikes up a bond with his little foster brother, Gary. This bond mirrors the one shared between Kyle and Andy in Child’s Play 2, with Kyle taking Andy under her wing. In an inverse in Chucky season 2, though, Jake, the older sibling, is the main character, and Chucky ends up killing Gary through the use of a homemade bomb. This death makes the callback to Chucky‘s legacy characters so much worse and sets up a dark future for Jake and his friends.

Why Chucky Season 2 Killed Off Gary

Ultimately, the reason for Chucky killing Gary in the season 2 premiere is to use the fallout to continue tormenting Jake. After all, Jake, Devon, and Lexi are implicated in Gary’s death and sent to the Catholic School of the Incarnate Lord as a result. In reference to how this relates to Kyle and Andy, it’s clear that the same thing could have happened to them had Chucky managed to kill one of them. This would be even worse for Andy, too, as the young boy was already dealing with trouble thanks to Chucky’s murderous antics in the first Child’s Play movie. All this serves to show how truly evil Chucky is and the damage his actions have caused.

Overall, there’s no telling how much turmoil Gary’s death will cause Jake and the others in Chucky season 2. What is clear is that Chucky is not finished and intends to cause more harm as the season progresses. For now, this callback to Child’s Play 2 shows how far Chucky is willing to go in his crusade against his enemies. Viewers will have to wait and see how much worse things will get as the killer doll escalates his devious plans.

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