Chris Colfer’s Response To An Invitation To See Lea Michele In “Funny Girl” Is Absolutely Sending Me


You’re likely plenty aware by now that Lea Michele was not exactly beloved by all on the Glee set. Samantha Marie Ware accused her of “traumatic microagressions.” Heather Morris called her very “unpleasant to work with.” In Lea’s own words, she has an “edge.”

“By the way, Chrissy, guess what I’m doing tonight. You should come,” Michelle began, to which Chris replied, “Oh no, are you seeing Funny Girl?”

“Oh,” Chris deadpanned when Michelle confirmed that she was. “My day suddenly just got so full.”

“Well, I saw Six last night and that was amazing,” he continued, arguably trying to change the subject.

When asked again if he was planning to see it while he was in the city, Chris affirmed, “No, I can be triggered at home.”

Chris isn’t the only Glee alum to have been asked about going to see the Broadway show — last month, Kevin McHale said that he “[hadn’t] thought about” stopping by to watch Lea.


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