Chris Colfer Responds To Whether He’ll See Lea Michele’s Funny Girl


Glee‘s Chris Colfer gives an interesting response when asked about whether he’ll go see Lea Michele in Funny Girl on Broadway. As part of Glee, the characters rarely had much stability in their relationships — they were frequently breaking up, getting back together, feuding, and expressing their feelings in show-stopping songs. In the years since the Fox series ended, it has become increasingly evident that the atmosphere between the cast members behind-the-scenes could sometimes be just as fraught.


This came into focus back in June 2020 when actress Samantha Marie Ware called out Michele for her behavior on Glee‘s set. Ware was supported by her former co-stars Amber Riley and Alex Newell. Heather Morris, who portrayed Brittany on Glee, also spoke out and agreed that Michele was difficult to work with. Michele, who played the lead character of Rachel Berry, responded to those claims recently. The actress said that she’s made mistakes, explaining that she has an “edge” to her. But Michele’s admissions aren’t stopping the Glee cast from answering honestly about whether they’re interested in seeing her headline-grabbing turn in the Broadway show Funny Girl.

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Colfer is the latest Glee cast member to be asked about going to see Michele in Funny Girl, and according to EW, he gives a pretty candid response. While appearing as a guest on The Michelle Collins Show, the topic was brought up. Colfer, who portrayed Kurt Hummel, didn’t seem too interested in the production and tried to change the subject. “I saw Six last night, and that was amazing,” he said. When asked directly whether he’d see Funny Girl, the actor was equally blunt. “No, I can be triggered at home.”

While it’s true that Colfer’s comments could be read as a bit of harmless shade, it’s difficult to view them in that light given what’s come to light about the controversies of Glee. He isn’t the only one to turn down the chance to see Michele in Funny Girl. Kevin McHale, who played Artie, also said he hadn’t, though he praised Michele’s talents and didn’t rule out seeing the show in the future. Jenna Ushkowitz, who was Tina on Glee, declined when asked: “I have not. I will leave it at that.” Other actors on Glee, like Darren Criss and Jonathan Groff, have shown their support for Michele in the past.

The reported tensions behind the scenes of Glee certainly don’t seem to have simmered much. Colfer publicly has spoken highly of his time on the show and the positive impact it had on audiences. Rumors and stories have persisted, meanwhile, especially on message boards and fandom spaces, that Colfer sometimes had very difficult experiences while filming. Hopefully, the upcoming Glee documentary will clear things up.

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