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The new close-quarters Katar weapon has been added to Chivalry 2. This weapon is exclusive to the Vanguard class, allowing a barrage of quick strikes. It can be great fun for flanking or assassinating the enemy team.

Katars themselves are punching daggers from southern India, allowing claws-like maneuvers. Torn Banner Studios has further embraced the aesthetic, with special emotes and taunts reminiscent of the famous clawed Marvel superhero Wolverine. Players might be interested in the new weapon simply for the animations.


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Since Katars are restricted to just one class, it may not be for all players. For example, those who play Chivalry 2 mostly as a first-person shooter with the Archer may not be enticed. Still, one might want to try them out just to know who to counter enemy players.

How To Get The New Katars

Katars can only be used by the Chivalry 2 Vanguard subclass, Ambusher. This subclass is unlocked at Vanguard Rank 7 and will retroactively have the first Katar for anyone who has already reached that level. Other new cosmetic Katars can be bought with earned or premium currency. While they have no additional combat benefits, if purchased with earned currency – which also requires rank-ups – it may show off that one has lots of experience with the weapon.

Weapon Rank Needed Earned Currency Premium Currency
Katar Vanguard Rank 7 Free Free
Maustika Katar Rank 15 2,500 Gold 40 Crowns
Imperial Fang Katar Rank 22 7,000 Gold 220 Crowns
Tigress Claws Katar Rank 77 55,000 Gold 500 Crowns

How To Use a Katar Attack inn Duels & Group Fights

Katars are ultrafast weapons that deal a relatively low amount of base damage. However, given the Chivalry 2 Ambusher Class’ 50% damage increase for backstabbing, the Katar’s speed can quickly devastate unsuspecting Archers, Footman, and Vanguards. It can be a bit harder against Knights with a lot of health or enemy players that are difficult to outflank. The Katar’s unique moveset includes:

  • Jab: a headbutt at kick range that does ten damage.
  • Stab: a slow wind-up stab that does 35 damage.
  • Slash: a fast stab that deals 30 damage per hit.
  • Overhead: a slow downward slash with 25 base damage that may overcome some shields.
  • Special: a swift double stab that costs some stamina. This attack does 30 damage for each strike that connects and staggers.
  • Sprint Attack: a slash with both blades at the same time that deals 40 damage.

As with other weapons, Stab, Slash, and Overhead can all be increased to an even slower high-damage version by long holding the input.

Group Fights

The Katars excel the most in the chaotic heat of Chivalry 2′s large-scale objective maps. Always initially traverse the area with several allies who can act as decoys. Players should prioritize any enemy clearly exposing themselves: those focusing on objectives, handling siege weapons, isolated snipers, or foes that just used a bandage. The goal is to secure a kill for oneself or a teammate and avoid a chance of the attacker escaping or being revived by their own allies. If the enemy does get too far, switch to Throwing Daggers to finish them off.

Katar users are themselves vulnerable once spotted and outnumbered. The short range and lack of backstabbing make for too large of a disadvantage when facing multiple Chivalry 2 foes in combat alone. At that point, Ambushers will either want to retreat or switch to a more reliable sidearm like the Short Sword or Cudgel. Once supported by at least one teammate, players can once again continue concentrating on multiple backstabs.


In a true Chivalry 2 one-on-one fight, Katars lose some of their advantages but can still be a competent weapon. The Special Attack is always powerful and will deal good damage through even shields if both hits land. In addition, since the headbutt attack is within kick range, players can easily combo those attacks together to break an enemy’s defense. Players can also switch to sidearms and ranged weapons if extra reach is needed or there is a risk of the current weapon breaking. Chivalry 2 players should also remember to heal whenever they can if their health is low during an intense duel.

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