Chicago PD Season 10 Set Photo Might Reveal Surprise Halstead Return


A new Chicago PD season 10 set image may have revealed Jesse Lee Soffer’s surprising return as Jay Halstead. Soffer just wrapped up his eight-year run on the One Chicago police procedural. Halstead’s exit is a big loss to Hank Voight’s Intelligence, especially since he had been functioning as his right-hand man for quite some time now, nut the special police unit has no choice but to move forward with their jobs to make Chicago a safer city.

The reason for Soffer’s Chicago PD exit remains unknown. While the actor has released several statements to address the matter, they don’t really get into specifics about why he’s leaving the project. Neither NBC nor Wolf Entertainment have commented on the same matter. Regardless, there was an idea that Chicago PD season 10 episode 3 functioned as Halstead’s swan song, with no plans of bringing him back anytime soon.


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It’s therefore surprising to see a Chicago PD season 10 set image that potentially features Soffer. The snap comes from the Instagram story of the show’s hairstylist, Unwana Rose, and was soon enough dissected by several fan accounts pointing out that the actor may be seen in the background. Check out the photos below:

Can Halstead Really Return To Chicago PD?

Given the quality of the image, it’s difficult to be sure if Soffer is really back on the set of Chicago PD, but based on the silhouette and the facial features, it does seem like him. Assuming that he’s really back to reprise Halstead, fans will wonder what it could be for. Perhaps it’s tied to his promise to Hailey Upton about coming back after eight months so they can be reunited. It may seem too soon to bring Halstead back, considering the timeframe, but it’s worth noting that Chicago PD is already working on a future episode. Perhaps the cast and crew are already working on the show’s midseason, offering which is slated to release before the police procedural’s winter hiatus. In any case, something like this already happened with Jesse Spencer’s Matt Casey on Chicago Fire.

Since Soffer was in Chicago PD for 10 seasons, he grew close with many of his cast and co-stars. So, there’s also a possibility that being on set was nothing else but his way to reconnect with his former-coworkers-turned-friends. It’s worth noting that there is no indication that NBC is walking back on its decision to write out the character. So even if Soffer is there to reprise Halstead, it will only be for a limited capacity. He won’t be back as a series regular on the project.

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Chicago PD season 10 airs Thursdays on NBC.

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