Chicago Fire Season 11 Reveals A Big Problem In Severide’s Future


Warning! Spoilers ahead for Chicago Fire season 11, episode 2.

Chicago Fire season 11 just revealed a big problem in Kelly Severide’s (Taylor Kinney) future as a married man. Rescue Squad 3’s Lieutenant is one of the best firefighters in Chicago and is definitely hailed as the best one in Firehouse 51 by his peers. After he married his long-time girlfriend and fellow firefighter, Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) in the Chicago Fire season 10 finale, the first-responder procedural now needs to actively develop his new role as a husband and family man.


Severide’s marriage started on a rough patch after his honeymoon was ambushed. Luckily, both he and his wife survived the ordeal unscathed, allowing them to fully return to work at Firehouse 51. In the Chicago Fire season 11, episode 2, “Every Scar Tells A Story,” he and his team welcome a new candidate in Joe Cruz’s (Joe Minoso) foster son, Javi (Carlos S. Sanchez), who quickly becomes enamored by Severide after learning some of his most impressive accomplishments as a firefighter.

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This poses a problem for Severide’s future kids if they ever decide to join the Fire department or any first-responder organization in Dick Wolf’s latest franchise. Following his long stint at Firehouse 51 in Chicago Fire, not to mention his regular moonlighting with the Arson office, Severide has made a name for himself as one of the most prolific firefighters in the city. Given this, his kids will be under constant pressure to perform at the same standards as their dad. The fact that he is married to another brilliant firefighter in Stella Kidd somehow makes this worse, as that will only add to people’s expectations of future Severide children. Luckily for them, both of their parents are also good people, which means that instead of constantly hammering this to their future children, they will be protective of their well-being and happiness instead.

Will Severide and Kidd Have Children In Chicago Fire Season 11?

Now that they are finally married, it’s curious what’s next for Severide and Kidd as a couple in Chicago Fire season 11. The natural progression dictates that they get pregnant, but that may not be in the cards, at least not yet. Tying the knot was already a big step for the pair. After getting engaged, they went back and forth with their decision, and at one point, they almost backed out of it altogether following Kidd’s disappearance. Given this, not to mention the attempt in their lives during their honeymoon, it’s safe to say that Kidd and Severide are not rushing to have kids. Instead, they are more focused on enjoying each other as husband and wife, as well as, excelling in their respective jobs.

As exciting as it would be to see Kidd and Severide as parents in Chicago Fire, it’s arguably for the better that they don’t have kids yet. Both are currently occupied with their jobs at Firehouse 51; Severide continues to spearhead Rescue Squad 3, while Kidd deals with Firehouse 51’s newest firefighter. Hopefully down the road, however, the pair gets to work on building their family knowing how good they would be with their future kids.

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Chicago Fire season 11 airs every Wednesday on NBC.


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