Channel Zero Revival Chances Addressed By Horror Show’s Creator


Channel Zero creator Nick Antosca opens up about whether the horror anthology TV show will be revived. Debuting on Syfy in October 2016 with Antosca as the showrunner and executive producer, Channel Zero was based around the idea of adapting ‘creepypastas’ – horror legends which get exchanged on the internet. The first installment, titled “Candle Cove,” focused on a man’s obsessive collection of a children’s program from the 1980s. Subsequent seasons included sinister horror houses, haunted cities, and secret doors for troubled marriages, getting more unnerving as episodes progressed.


Channel Zero was met with strongly favorable reviews, with the praise continuing throughout the anthology’s four seasons. Reviews lauded the series for being effectively creepy and scary, while also appreciating the fact that the narrative was engaging on a thematic and character level. The talented cast, featuring Killing Eve star Fiona Shaw, Teen Wolf alum Holland Roden, and horror legend Barbara Crampton, also received plaudits for their performances. But after a strong run, which included several nominations at horror-themed ceremonies, Channel Zero was canceled in 2019.

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During an interview with to promote his new Peacock series A Friend of the Family, Antosca addresses whether Channel Zero could be revived down the line. The showrunner says he would love to do more, but also casts some doubt on the possibility. He notes that he plans to continue telling horror stories in other avenues, citing the dark Netflix series Brand New Cherry Flavor:

I would love to do more seasons of Channel Zero and some of the other horror series that I’ve done. Brand New Cherry Flavor had some of the same spirit and the same energy. I don’t know if there will ever be another season of Channel Zero. I would certainly do one, but even if we don’t literally do that, there will be more opportunities to tell that horror story down the road.

Why Channel Zero Was Canceled

Given the show’s critical acclaim, and the anthology format always allowing for new stories, it might be seen as something of a surprise that Channel Zero abruptly ended. Ultimately though, as is often the case in television, it seems that viewership wasn’t big enough in the eyes of decision-makers to justify a renewal. The first installment had the most viewers, but by Channel Zero season 4, ratings had declined.

This remained the case, unfortunately, even as Syfy tried a binge-esque model of debuting each episode over the course of six nights. At the time, and even now, Antosca says he still has some Channel Zero stories left to tell. Even though it doesn’t sound like those ideas will be presented in a creepypasta and anthology sort of way, at least not in the near future, fans can still find traces of Antosca’s work and the themes that interest him in his other projects.

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