Changes Big Brother Fans Want To See In Future Seasons


Although Big Brother has come a long way from its first season back in 2001, longtime fans want to see these changes in future seasons.

Big Brother fans want to see some changes on the show in future seasons. Being on air for over 20 years, the show has progressed with the times. The competition series that fans love today was not the same as the one that first debuted in 2001.

While many of the changes made since Big Brother season 1 have been for the better, there have been some changes over the years that fans have not liked so much. Many took to Reddit to discuss which aspects of the show they miss from older seasons and which newer aspects they hope don’t return. The most agreed-upon change was the dismissal of scripted Diary Room sessions.Related: Big Brother: Why Fans Are Accusing Paloma Of Lying In Interviews


Diary Room Sessions Are Too ‘Fake’

In recent years, fans have noticed that the Diary Room sessions have become less natural and more scripted. Production plays much more of an influence on what the houseguests say than they did in the early seasons of the show. One user wrote, “The early era ones were so much funnier and even if someone wasn’t that funny or interesting, at least it wasn’t FAKE.” Before the Diary Room sessions became more scripted, Big Brother houseguests showed their real personalities while talking to America. Now, it has become harder for fans to see the players’ real personalities.

The other major change fans want to see in the coming seasons has to do with the competitions. Many want to be able to watch the endurance competitions play out in real-time on the live-feeds. It is not as enjoyable to watch it during the episode due to the interruptions of the Diary Room sessions. This too stems back to production’s interference with the way the show plays out. Lastly, fans want to see some new competitions take over the backyard. Although everyone loves the iconic Big Brother competitions such as OTEV and Zingbot, fans would also love to see brand-new and exciting competitions in the seasons to come.

It seems as though fans are mostly not happy with production’s interference with the game. Should they add new competitions and allow houseguests to be themselves in the Diary Room, fans may be more impressed with future seasons. With season 24 just recently coming to an end, Big Brother production has plenty of time to plan and implement some exciting changes for season 25 next summer.

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