Chainsaw Man’s New Music Video Proves Why It’s Anime’s Next Mega-Hit


The music video for Chainsaw Man’s first ending theme “Chainsaw Blood” shows how much care and passion MAPPA is putting into this anime.

The team behind the new Chainsaw Man anime clearly care a lot about the show, which is proven by the amount of care they put into the music video for the show’s first ending theme. This wouldn’t normally be a big deal for most anime, which create a music video for their endings which usually plays at the end of each episode, but Chainsaw Man is a bit different, as this ending theme likely won’t play at the end of its future episodes.

Chainsaw Man is easily one of the most hyped anime of the season. Being produced by MAPPA, the same studio that made Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan Season 4 and being based on a ridiculously popular Shonen Jump manga by rising star Tatsuki Fujimoto, expectations were high going into its first episode. But with its high production value, MAPPA created a premiere episode that surpassed all expectations. The studio is clearly devoted to making this show a sensation, and to that end Chainsaw Man will have a unique ending theme for each episode. This is already very impressive, but the studio outdid itself by making a music video for the first ending theme released.


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The first ending song (posted to Youtube by MAPPA) is “Chainsaw Blood” by Vaundy, an awesome rock banger that is directly about Chainsaw Man, which bodes well for Chainsaw Man‘s twelve other ending songs. It is an exciting song to end the first episode, but unfortunately, there are no impressive visuals to accompany it in the episode. Instead, a black credits screen rolls as the song blasts on. It is not uncommon for the first episode of an anime to roll the credits without accompanying visuals while the ending theme plays, but in most cases those shows will be able to play the song alongside its visuals in a later episode. Since this is the only time “Chainsaw Blood” will likely appear in the series, this is not the case for Vaundy’s awesome song. Luckily MAPPA created a music video for the song and released it on their YouTube channel.

The Video For Chainsaw Man‘s First Ending Shows MAPPA Cares

The music video doesn’t use much new footage, mainly splicing together shots from Chainsaw Man’s premiere, but despite this, it still feels fresh. It can’t have been easy to edit together these clips in a way that complements Vaundy’s song, but MAPPA took the time to do it anyway. This music video isn’t even a part of the show itself, so many other studios might not have even taken the time to make it. The fact that MAPPA did shows how much they care about the show and its fans, ensuring that they get the best viewing experience possible.

This care and passion is evident in every facet of this project and it is incredibly exciting to see. It ensures that this anime isn’t just a corporate cash grab capitalizing on a popular manga, like many other notable anime adaptations. The studio and team behind Chainsaw Man clearly care as much about the show as their fans do, and if they keep going above and beyond as they did with this music video, this anime has the potential to be a modern classic.

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Chainsaw Man is available to stream on Hulu and Crunchyroll.

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