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Bros, the first gay romantic comedy from a major Hollywood studio, also has the distinction of having an all-queer cast playing its main and supporting characters. Many of these actors should be familiar to audiences through their previous roles in movies and television shows, though from where exactly viewers recognize them may not be immediately known.

The plot of Bros follows the complicated love story between two jaded gay men in their 40s, both of whom are trying to convince themselves that they are fulfilled in their lives without romantic partners. While this is familiar ground for the genre, as the first gay rom-com from a major studio with an LGBTQ+ cast, Bros highlights unique challenges of queer relationships.


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Reviews for Bros have been overwhelmingly positive, celebrating its combination of universal romantic themes and specific LGBTQ+ experiences. Additionally, the movie’s actors have spoken out about its pivotal position in terms of mainstream LGBTQ+ representation. In particular, the supporting characters help to illustrate the way many queer communities support one another, which is refreshing to see. Here is a guide to all the major characters in Bros and who plays each role.

Billy Eichner As Bobby Leiber (He/Him)

Bros centers on Bobby Leiber, a journalist and podcaster working on the launch of the first LGBTQ+ history museum. In addition to playing one of its lead characters, Billy Eichner co-wrote Bros with its director, Nicholas Stoller (who helmed the rom-com Forgetting Sarah Marshall). Eichner previously wrote and starred in the TV series Billy on the Street and has appeared in the shows American Crime Story, Friends from College, and Bob’s Burgers.

Luke Macfarlane As Aaron Shepard (He/Him)

Luke Macfarlane plays the second lead character, Aaron Shepard, a muscular, miserable estate lawyer and Bobby’s love interest in Bros. While some viewers may recognize Macfarlane from Killjoys, he is most recognizable from the casts of numerous Hallmark movies, including their inaugural gay romcom, Single All the Way — interestingly enough, Bros pokes fun at such made-for-TV productions with several tongue-in-cheek references to “Hallheart” movies.

Dot-Marie Jones As Cherry (She/Her)

Fans of Glee will recognize Dot-Marie Jones from her role as Coach Sheldon Beiste in the long-running musical television series. She is also known for her portrayal of Jan Remy and May in American Horror Story, while more recently she was cast as Mama Bear in the unconventional biopic Weird: The Al Yankovic Story. In Bros, she plays Cherry, a member of the LGBTQ+ history museum board representing lesbian visibility.

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Miss Lawrence As Wanda (He/Him; She/Her)

Best known as a singer and activist and for playing Miss Bruce in the TV series Star and Miss Freddy in the film The United States vs. Billie Holiday, Miss Lawrence co-stars in Bros as the character Wanda, another member of the LGBTQ+ history museum board. Wanda brings a calming presence to the team, making a point of holding space for others to express their feelings and acknowledging the emotional strain and anger involved in being queer in an unwelcoming community.

TS Madison As Angela (She/Her)

Angela, played by TS Madison, brings her experience as a black trans woman, as well as her forthright personality, to the board of the LGBTQ+ history museum in Bros. TS Madison produced The Ts Madison Experience and has also appeared as a character on BET’s The Ms. Pat Show. She is also known as an LGBTQ+ activist.

Eve Lindley As Tamara (She/Her)

Known for her role as Simone on Dispatches from Elsewhere, Latinx and trans actress Eve Lindley plays the Bros character Tamara, a trans activist keeping the museum board in touch with the public through social media. She often sits back and watches the rest of the board squabble before bringing them back to reality with the revelation that she is live-streaming.

Jim Rash As Robert (He/Him)

Robert, the other cis white male on the LGBTQ+ history museum board in Bros, champions the history of the bisexual community. He is played by actor and producer Jim Rash, best known for the character Dean Pelton in Community. Rash also provides the voice for the Riddler in Harley Quinn, contributing to LGBTQ+ representation on HBO Max through the Batman villain’s same-sex relationship in the animated series.

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Bros Supporting Cast

Bowen Yang (he/him) as Lawrence Grape A wealthy museum benefactor and friend of Bobby in Bros, Lawrence Grape offers and funds radical new ideas for the LGBTQ+ history museum. A comedic actor and member of Saturday Night Live‘s featured cast and writing team, Bowen Yang is also known for his portrayal of Howie in Hulu’s acclaimed LGBTQ+ film Fire Island.

Monica Raymund (she/her) as Tina A close friend of Bobby and a mother of two, Tina is also married to the Bros character Edgar. Monica Raymund plays the character Gabriela “Gabby” Dawson in NBC Chicago TV universe (Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Med), as well as Dana Lodge from The Good Wife and Ria Torres from Lie to Me.

Guillermo Díaz (he/him) as Edgar Husband to Monica Raymund’s Tina and doting father, Edgar is another friend of Bobby. Guillermo Díaz is known for playing the characters Huck on Scandal and Bill Brewster in Law and Order: Organized Crime.

Guy Branum (he/him) as Henry Bobby’s comrade on the dating scene, Henry delivers amusing and depressing accounts of his encounters as a middle-aged single gay man in Bros. A writer, producer, and actor, Guy Branum also co-produced Bros, consults on Amazon Prime’s A League of Their Own, and participated in Netflix’s LGBTQ+ stand-up comedy special Stand Out.

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Ryan Faucett (he/him) as Josh Evans Josh Evans is an old buddy and crush of Aaron’s from his high school hockey team. Audiences may recognize Ryan Faucett from his role in New Amsterdam, as the character Trevor Vaughn.

Amanda Bearse (she/her) as Mrs. Shepard Aaron’s schoolteacher mother. Amanda Bearse is known for her characters in Fright Night, Smothered, and Married…With Children.

Several very prominent and up-and-coming actors in the LGBTQ+ community appear in Bros in smaller roles, including Harvey Fierstein (Big Mouth), Peter Kim (The 40-Year-Old Version), and Matthew Wilkas (Gayby). Bros also boasts a number of cameos from household names like Debra Messing (Will & Grace), Amy Schumer (Inside Amy Schumer), and Kenan Thompson (Saturday Night Live).

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