Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Captain Raymond Holt’s Character


Beloved actor Andre Braugher recently made his debut in the final season of Amazon Prime’s legal TV show, The Good Fight. He plays the character of Ri’chard Lane, an eccentric rainmaker set on making the firm better. The flamboyant character is very different from Braugher’s most famous character, Captain Raymond Holt, which shows the actor’s amazing skills.

After Brooklyn Nine-Nine ended, it’s exciting to see Braugher in another project so soon. Fans are still not over Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s ending, and Captain Holt is one of their favorite characters. Holt has many iconic moments in the series that have become some of the most hilarious memes around the internet.


10/10 He’s Not As Expressive As He Thinks He Is

Everyone who has ever watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine knows that Captain Holt is not a particularly expressive man. However, he seems to think the opposite, and even believes that sometimes his face betrays all of his emotions when in reality people can’t figure out what he’s thinking.

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This is one of the funniest running jokes in the show, particularly when Captain Holt believes he’s making a scene when others perceive him to be calm and composed. Plus, his husband Kevin acts in the same way, so their interactions are incredibly hilarious.

9/10 He’s A Great Leader

When the precinct has to work the night shift, everyone is in a sour mood. Captain Holt tries to lift their spirits by making a party, but no one is really into it, for which reason Captain Holt makes this emblematic comment, one of the quotes that perfectly sums up Captain Holt’s personality.

Captain Holt is a terrific leader, he constantly worries about the well-being of his detectives, even putting his life on the line more than once to make sure they’re safe. Not only that, but he also cares about being the best at his job, because he knows a lot of people’s lives depend on him.

8/10 Amy Is His Biggest Fan

As everyone knows, Amy has a thing with authority figures, always needing to feel validated. However, when Captain Holt arrives at the precinct, he has all the characteristics Amy admires in a person, increasing her admiration for her boss. Amy works harder than anyone to prove she’s worthy of Captain Holt’s approval.

What started as a running joke with Amy seeking Captain Holt’s attention and Captain Holt giving very little of it, soon became one of the most wholesome relationships in the show. These two characters have a lot in common, such as their love for organization and efficiency, and they quickly bond over it.

7/10 He Loves Telling The Story of How He Stopped The Disco Strangler

Captain Holt has some of the best quotes in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and this is one of his most iconic ones, inspiring hundreds of memes throughout social media. During his youth, Captain Holt stopped a vicious murderer who killed his victims with a yo-yo, and he loves telling the story.

All the characters in the show are very familiar with what happened, and even the wording Captain Holt usually uses to retell the story. Even though they may think he’s repetitive, Captain Holt is one of the best detectives in the NYPD, and it makes sense he’s proud of his achievements.

6/10 He’s Practically Jake’s Father

From the very beginning of the show, Captain Holt tries to motivate Jake into becoming a more responsible and organized person. The impulsive and sometimes reckless detective is often challenging Captain Holt’s commands, which has led them to have a very father-son relationship.

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Although Jake and Captain Holt didn’t see eye to eye at the beginning, they soon develop respect and admiration for each other. On top of that, Jake does start seeing the stern man as a father figure, even though he feels a bit embarrassed about it. Although Captain Holt is not actually Jake’s father, Jake knows he can always count on him.

5/10 He’s Not Very Good With Slang

Because of how serious and solemn Captain Holt is most of the time, fans love it when he uses colloquial words and phrases. When Terry remembers previously working with his present boss, Captain Holt recalls Terry’s old nickname because he used to be fatter.

What makes this scene so hilarious is that Captain Holt’s face doesn’t change during the whole interaction, and his somber expression doesn’t match the ridiculous word. These types of situations are very common during the show, where Captain Holt says the weirdest things without noticing.

4/10 He’s Incredibly Eloquent

As a man that prefers literature and other forms of artistic expression, Captain Holt doesn’t watch many movies or TV shows.

He doesn’t always understand popular culture, and sometimes he simplifies things in a way that shakes Jake to the core.

The way in which Captain Holt describes the most common and widely-known things is one of the funniest aspects of this TV show. On top of that, Kevin is just like him, and the couple has the most interesting interactions, leading the way for some of the funniest quotes between Kevin and Holt.

3/10 He Has To Fight Hard To Get In Positions Of Power

In one of the viewers’ favorite Brooklyn 99 storylines, Captain Holt loses the commissioner position to John Kelly and, trying to feel better about himself, decides to spend a few days in a touristic location. However, Jake and Amy were celebrating their honeymoon in the same place, and Captain Holt’s sour mood ended up ruining their romantic vacation.

As hilarious as it is to see Captain Holt trying to be a common tourist, using t-shirts with puns, and drinking colorful beverages, it’s disheartening to see the talented detective not earning the position he deserves. Brooklyn Nine-Nine portrays the struggles a Black and LGBTQ+ person has to undergo to be able to reach better job positions.

2/10 He Power Walks

Holt learns to power-walk during his stay in Florida under the Witness Protection Program. Throughout the TV show, Captain Holt argues that power-walking is a better way to move fast than running since it’s more “efficient and sustainable.”

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Even though Captain Holt is one of the oldest characters in the show, it’s obvious he’s in top physical condition. Because of his job, he needs to be able to move fast and endure challenging physical activities. People would be wrong to underestimate his physical skills.

1/10 He Gives The Best Burns

Even though Jake is constantly working on creative puns and original ways to insult the bad guys, Captain Holt ends up giving the best burns. Since Captain Holt has a unique way of expressing himself, his burns are offensive on a whole new level, without having to try too hard.

There are not many occasions in which Captain Holt tries to insult others since he’s a very diplomatic and respectful man. However, when he needs to stand his ground, mostly when confronted with horrible people like Madeline Wuntch, he’s not afraid to put out the guns.

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