Bowser’s Massive LEGO Statue Assembled In Behind-the-Scenes Footage


An enormous LEGO statue of Super Mario’s Bowser was featured at San Diego Comic-Con, and a behind-the-scenes video sheds light on its construction.

A behind-the-scenes video shows off the construction of a massive LEGO Bowser, which brings the Super Mario antagonist to life in breathtaking detail. The massive 14-foot tall LEGO replicate of Bowser, which is made up of nearly 700,000 plastic bricks, is based on a much smaller but still sizable version of the tyrannical tyrannosaur. The LEGO Super Mario Mighty Bowser set grants King Koopa impressive articulation and a fireball attack, and now LEGO has revealed how the massive version of the plastic monstrosity was built.


The LEGO Super Mario line combines two beloved franchises into one, with fans using their imaginations and a set of plastic bricks to build their own side-scrolling platformer levels. The brand began with just LEGO Mario himself, but over the years the beloved Nintendo mascot has been joined by other iconic characters like his brother Luigi and the regal Princess Peach. Themed sets also let players recreate other famous Nintendo titles, with a LEGO Luigi’s Mansion set allowing players to hunt ghosts during the year’s spookiest season. The LEGO Luigi’s Mansion Halloween sets can create entirely new plastic adventures, but the LEGO Mighty Bowser is perhaps the most impressive build of all.

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A 14-foot version of the LEGO Super Mario Mighty Bowser was unveiled back at San Diego Comic-Con, and now LEGO (via Twitter) has revealed how the enormous build was assembled. The king-sized Mighty Bowser, which comes complete with articulation and a fiery base, apparently took 3,290 hours to build. A shocking 663,900 LEGO bricks were used to bring King Koopa to life, with the build being designed with computers before being physically assembled. Interior electronics and hydraulic components let LEGO Mighty Bowser move, making him an intimidating threat to any Super Mario LEGO set.

Massive LEGO Bowser Is A Mario Nightmare

While the 14-foot Mighty Bowser is probably the most impressive LEGO Super Mario creation, other LEGO Super Mario character packs let fellow Nintendo icons join the plastic construction fun. Revealed back in June, these expansion packs let players build even more elaborate platformer levels featuring a host of fan-favorite Mario stars. These packs include new figures like Baby Yoshi, Toadette, Big Spike, Nabbit and more so players can incorporate them into their LEGO Super Mario builds.

The 14-foot recreation of Super Mario’s Bowser is incredibly impressive, and now LEGO aficionados have been given a closer look into the brick behemoth’s construction. Taking 3,290 hours and 663,900 plastic bricks to assemble, the awe-inspiring construction project is a testament to LEGO’s dedication and Bowser’s infamy. While LEGO sadly can’t sell a kit to build this 14-foot Bowser at home, the Super Mario tribute will live on as a mural to the beloved Nintendo franchise.

Source: LEGO/Twitter


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