Boruto’s True Villain Just Proved Why He’s Unlike Any Naruto Threat


Warning: SPOILERS for Boruto #73Despite his compromised position as a minion forced to do Eida’s bidding, Amado is still one of the more powerful characters in the NarutoBoruto universe. It’s more than likely he’s simply waiting for the right time to expose his true intention and make his final play.

Amado has always been a major x-factor in Boruto. As the brains behind Kara’s technology including the creation of Eida, Code, Kawaki, and Daemon, as well as the kama that almost allowed Isshiki Otsutsuki to resurrect himself, it is clear that Amado is extremely intelligent. Outside his intelligence, and the fact that he had a daughter who died about 12 years ago, however, there is nothing clear about him. He was essential to Kara’s initial success in Boruto, but he hated Isshiki so much that he actively planned to eliminate him. He’s manipulated Kawaki and Code to task actions that feel are important, but why those actions are necessary remains a mystery to everyone but him. Now, seemingly so afraid of Code’s anger at him and Eida’s ability to take control over him, he’s voluntarily agreed to assist her, as if he were a victim.


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Amado’s embrace of the role of a victim, however, doesn’t pass the smell test, and Naruto, Sasuke, and Shikamaru need to remain extremely cautious of him. Despite defecting to Konoha from Kara, rather than divulging everything he knows about Kara and learned about Ishhiki, Amado had only selectively provided “bits and pieces” of information. Ultimately, this will leave Konoha vulnerable, just as Kara was left vulnerable to his deceit in previous Boruto chapters. For instance, while informing Shikamaru of the fact that Eida has no control over Otsutsukis or people linked to them such as Boruto and Kawaki, he failed to inform him that her blood relatives are also immune to her powers. This is a significant detail to withhold. On the one hand, if a relative of Eida can be found, Konoha would have another option to combat her powers if the need arises. On the other hand, if her brother Daemon could be convinced, however unlikely, to turn against her, then her threat would be neutralized. Keeping this information to himself suggests that Amado is less of the victim he presents himself as, and likely just an aspect of his overall plan.

What is Amado’s Endgame in Boruto?

It wouldn’t be the first time in the NarutoBoruto universe to have an “alleged” support character suddenly reveal themselves as a major threat. In Naruto, Black Zetsu players a similar background role as Amado does in Boruto, and all the time was secretly manipulating numerous people, and facilitating a range of events that ultimately lead to the resurrection of Kaguya Otsutsuki. Like Amado, on the surface, he was dedicated to those he was partnered with, but all along his true loyalties were kept a secret from everyone. Amado’s actions certainly have a Black Zetsu-like feel. Would he really have “built” an army of powerful cyborgs without having a fail-safe? It goes completely against the fact that every other move he’s made has been carefully calculated.

While there are clearly more pressing problems facing Naruto and the Konoha leadership in Code, Eida, the Otsutsuki-powered Boruto, and Kawaki, it would be a mistake to fall asleep on Amado. There are too many unknowns surrounding such a powerfully intelligent ninja to consider him weak or without a plan to win.

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Boruto #73 is now available from Viz Media.


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