Bling Empire: Why Christine Chiu Is A Fan Favorite In Season 3


Christine Chiu is known for stirring the pot, but she is slowly becoming a fan favorite on Bling Empire season 3. In the past, she has been called out for being fake and for her intense rivalry with Anna Shay. Christine showed another side of herself on Dancing with the Stars, and she came to Bling Empire season 3 with a new attitude. Now, the tables have turned, and fans are starting to call Anna out and side with Christine.

With Bling Empire season 3 now streaming on Netflix, Reddit users are sounding off on their favorites of the season and the toxic cast members. In the Reddit thread started by u/cmc, one user said, “I just wanna say..I am liking Christine,” while another added, “Christine has grown on me these last few seasons. She seems genuine even though everyone tries to make her out to be the villain.” There is no doubt Christine, who may not be the villain, brings entertaining drama to Bling Empire, but fans are starting to rally around her more this season.


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Bling Empire’s Christine Chiu Has A Rocky Past

Some fans are even calling for a Bling Empire spin-off following Christine and her husband, Dr. Gabriel Chiu’s surrogacy journey, citing them as the most interesting part of the reality series. This season, Christine has insisted that she does not want to start the drama, and many fans think Kane Lim is the one creating these problems. In the past, Christine has badmouthed Anna at her own party and even showed up wearing the same necklace as her to be petty. She seemed to do this out of a place of insecurity, revealing things in her personal life that caused her stress.

Bling Empire‘s Christine’s start to being a mom and pregnancy with her son Baby G was incredibly difficult, leading her to make the tough decision to pursue surrogacy for baby number two. Fans have seen her be a devoted mom regardless of the drama she brings, and also revealed her A-List mom friend on Bling Empire season 3. Christine and actress Mila Kunis used to be neighbors, and Mila made an unexpected cameo on the show. In another Reddit thread by u/cmc, a user said, “knowing that mila liked Christine makes me feel like she’s actually [sic] a good person,” and that she is getting the villain edit on Bling Empire.

Even though Christine has won some Bling Empire season 3 fans over by seemingly turning over a new leaf, not all were thrilled by the new Christine. When Jamie Xie spoke with her and said she thought Christine was jealous of her and her family, Christine audibly laughed. It rubbed some fans the wrong way, while others sided with Christine and felt Jamie was creating drama out of nowhere, especially after saying Christine had always been nice to her. With the cast turning against Christine this season, fans are starting to stand up for her, and she is on her way to being the Bling Empire season 3 fan favorite.

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