Black Noir Is Dead, But That Homelander Twist You’re Waiting For Isn’t!


Black Noir died at the end of The Boys season 3, yet there is a way the character could return for The Boys season 4 while also paying off a comic book twist. After two seasons of Black Noir playing a very limited role, The Boys season 3 saw the mysterious silent assassin at the center of the story. Though Black Noir’s death in The Boys season 3 was gruesomely shocking, viewers will get to see Noir again—or at least a version of him.

According to The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke (via EW), The Boys’ season 3 finale is “definitely not the last we’ve seen of Black Noir as a hero.” Kripke explained that while the man who was wearing the Black Noir suit, Earving, is now dead, a new “interesting and hilarious character” will take over Black Noir’s mantle. Nathan Mitchell, who played present-day Black Noir in The Boys’ first three seasons, will also play this new version of the character. The Boys‘ season 4 Black Noir will essentially be a brand-new character, which means the show could still do the “Homelander clone” twist from The Boys’ comics. In the comics, Black Noir was secretly a Homelander clone, a storyline that The Boys TV show has yet to adopt.


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Why It’s Good The Boys Ignored The Comics’ Black Noir Twist

As with any adaptation from a long-running story, The Boys would have to change things from the source material if wanted to deliver an original, unpredictable show. A one-on-one adaptation from the comics would have likely not worked as well as The Boys did, and some of the show’s best moments did not come from comics. For example, The Boys’ Stan Edgard never actually appeared in the comics despite being once mentioned, and some characters like Ashley and Madelyn do not even exist in the comics.

The Boys also reinvented established characters from the comic books, with the most recent examples being Soldier Boy and Black Noir. The comic book “spoiler” that Black Noir was Homelander’s clone in the comics had been a popular topic of discussion since The Boys season 1, with many taking for granted that the show would do a similar reveal. That is why it is good The Boys ignored the comics’ Black Noir twist, as it would have been too predictable considering that the “Homelander clone” reveal had already become popular—even among those who had never read the comics.

The Boys’ Homelander Clone Story Can Now Work Much Better

Now that The Boys already flipped audiences’ expectations regarding Black Noir’s true identity, the show could adapt the “Homelander clone” storyline with the new Black Noir. Considering that The Boys skipped that twist and gave Black Noir an original backstory, there would a level of unpredictability if the show decided to make the new Black Noir a Homelander clone. It would also make sense to bring in the idea of Homelander clones for The Boys season 4 given how much season 3 has revealed about Homelander’s past. Homelander’s own identity and place in the world was perhaps the most important in The Boys season 3, and that could continue in season 4 with a Homelander clone.

The original Black Noir is dead, but Black Noir as a superhero title will continue past The Boys season 3. After giving Black Noir an entirely new story, The Boys season 4 could once again flip audiences’ expectations with the “Homelander clone” comic twist. It remains to be seen what role the new Black Noir will play in The Boys season 4.

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