Black Clover Will Explore The Series’ Most Brutal Transformation


In Black Clover chapter 337, Asta mentions his friend Charmy’s name twice, hinting that her origin could be explored later on.

This article contains spoilers for Black Clover chapter 337Asta’s seemingly random persistence that his host from Yami’s home country of Hino knows Charmy is presenting the possibility that Black Clover might delve into her background and, most especially, her brutal transformation.

Way back in chapter 194 of Black Clover, mangaka Yūki Tabata revealed that the Black Bulls member Charmy was actually a human/dwarf hybrid when she transformed into a taller, more beautiful version of herself while the sheep her magic summoned turned into a wolf. Later on in chapter 250, Charmy realizes the true extent of her powers when her array causes her Food Magic to become Cook, whereby Charmy’s wolf actually feasts upon the hair of her opponent the Dark Disciple Halbet as it was imbued with Halbet’s magic.


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Now in Black Clover’s latest installment, chapter 337, Asta just so happens to bring up Charmy’s name numerous times after he was mysterious teleported to Yami’s home country of Hino instead of getting killed by Sister Lily as Black Clover fans originally believed. Originally Found by Yami’s childhood friend Ryuya Ryudo, Asta is brought to Ryuya’s home where Asta sees a tea-serving Ocha-Ami doll and comments that it looks a great deal like his friend Charmy. Asta even later asks Ryuya directly if he knows Charmy. Even though Ryuya denies knowing her, it’s possible that someone else in Hino does.

When the side character Charmy first transforms in Black Clover’s chapter 194, she was unaware that she was in fact a human/dwarf hybrid. This creates the impression that she only grew up knowing her human parent and that she had an estranged dwarven parent whom she didn’t know existed, explaining why she didn’t know she was part dwarf. It’s also possible that her estranged dwarven parent is actually from Hino and lives there now. Why else would mangaka Tabata go out of his way to introduce a doll that compels Asta to bring up Charmy? The remaining question, however, is why the doll looks like Charmy if Ryuya doesn’t even know who Charmy is. It’s plausible that Charmy’s estranged father or mother creates dolls in the image of their daughter as their trade and just hasn’t told anyone about her. Regardless, readers are undeniably hoping that Charmy’s dwarven parent is in fact living in Hino currently because that would open the possibility of Asta learning more about her new powers. Before her transformation, her magic was more amusing than anything else. Now, the wolf gives her sheep power a twist that’s not only a pleasantly obvious progression of the original but a terrifyingly dark one at that. And this is always welcome, especially in shonen. Providing Asta with the opportunity to learn more about Charmy’s chilling new magic would just make Asta’s time in Hino even more enjoyable than it already is for obvious reasons.

Of course, in addition to providing a satisfying response to an earlier comment Yami made long ago in Black Clover, the true purpose of Hino is to gain new insight about Yami’s past and heritage, explore a new world beyond the Four Kingdoms, and for Asta to learn new types of techniques like ki detection that delve beyond normal magic. But there’s no reason for Asta’s time there to be so rigid, especially if it allows Black Clover to delve into the past of one of its most intriguing Black Bull members besides Yami, Charmy.

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