Black Adam Slaughters The JSA in The DCEU’s Dark Future


In a new tie-comic setting up DC’s upcoming Black Adam movie, Doctor Fate is shown a dark vision for the Justice Society of America and its future.

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Black Adam-The Justice Society Files: Doctor Fate #1

In DC’s new prequel tie-in comic to the upcoming Black Adam movie, the darkest future for the DCEU is revealed. As seen in Justice Society Files: Doctor Fate #1, Pierce Brosnan’s Kent Nelson is the servant of Nabu known as Doctor Fate, one of the cosmic Lords of Order. Seen battling literal demons, Fate is shown a truly dark vision of the future that could spell disaster for the Justice Society of America in the new film starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Black Adam.


In the new Justice Society Files: Doctor Fate #1 from Cavan Scott and Jesús Merino, Kent Nelson meditates in the Tower of Fate. Reflecting on his past with the original Justice Society that has long since disbanded, the long-lived Nelson has become somewhat jaded in his service to Nabu as Doctor Fate. However, he still determines to save a group of teenagers who get way in over their heads in their attempt to summon a literal demon.

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Unfortunately, the children have already summoned a demon by the time Doctor Fate arrives, resulting in a supernatural battle Nelson nearly loses after his helmet was knocked from his head, the source of his connection and power from Nabu. During this time, Doctor Fate is shown a truly dark future for the DCEU in which Fate is a member of the reformed JSA who’ve all been slaughtered by Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam. As such, this prequel comic confirms the possibility that Black Adam may become a genuine villain in the DCEU (if that is what he chooses).

Doctor Fate Will Try To Prevent Black Adam’s Darkest Ending

This issue also provides key insights into the motivations of Doctor Fate in the upcoming film. He’ll no doubt try to prevent this dark future from happening, hence his instant agreement to join the new JSA when Hawkman calls with an offer Nelson already knew was coming. Furthermore, it also stands to reason that demonic forces will play a large role in the upcoming film. After all, the demon-possessed villain Sabbac has been confirmed as a villain in Black Adam alongside the organization known as Intergang.

At any rate, it seems as though saving the teens and joining this new version of the JSA is exactly what Nelson needs to renew his purpose as the DCEU’s Doctor Fate. Here’s hoping he’ll be able to put that new motivation to good use when and if Black Adam needs to be convinced to join them as a new DCEU hero rather than a brutal villain who slaughters them all. Black Adam-Justice Society Files: Doctor Fate #1 is on sale now.

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