Bird Pokémon Altaria Is The Franchise’s Newest Life-Size Plush


Pokémon Center Japan revealed that Altaria will be the next Pokémon to receive a huge life-sized plush, and it may be the cuddliest one yet.

The majestic cloud-winged bird Pokémon Altaria is getting an appropriately fluffy life-sized plush doll. Debuting in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, Altaria is the evolved form of Swablu, both easily recognizable by their iconic puffy cloud wings. One of the more recently revealed Pokémon life-size plush dolls was fan-favorite Lucario, which is set to ship February 2023.

One of the perks of being a massively successful franchise like Pokémon is being able to lend the brand name to all types of merchandise. From trading cards and clothing to even airplanes, one Pokémon or another has managed to put its face on almost every form of product imaginable. However, because of Pokémon’s inherently appealing and often huggable design, there aren’t many forms of merchandise more appropriate for Nintendo’s pocket monsters than stuffed plushies. Even as far back as Pokémon’s origins, plushies and Pokémon have often gone hand in hand. In fact, the newest Pokémon adventure isn’t even out yet and plush dolls of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s starters are already available to purchase.


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Pokémon Center Japan (via Nintendo Life) has announced that the cloud-winged Altaria is next in line to receive a life-sized Pokémon plush. This huge Altaria plush measures approximately 37 x 51 x 35 inches, weighs around 14 lbs. and is crafted with polyester and polyurethane foam balls. With its adorable face and welcoming cotton-like wings, the life-sized Altaria plush makes for a great centerpiece or a cozy spot to rest a weary head. However, the size isn’t the only large thing about this Altaria plush; its approximate $380 price tag is a sizable investment as well.

Cute, Cuddly, And Huge Altaria Pokémon Plush

Despite its hefty price, the adorable Altaria life-sized plush will likely still serve as a novelty for fans of bird Pokémon and fluffy things in general. If the quality of Pokémon Center Japan’s 4-foot Inteleon plush is any indication, then at the very least, financially capable fans will get what they pay for. Of course, given Altaria’s impressive size and mostly white color palette, finding prime real estate for display and cleanliness might also be a bit of a chore.

Adorned with clouds any Pokémon fan would probably like to relax in, Altaria is an ideal choice for a life-sized Pokémon plush. While it may be impossible for every Pokémon to receive the life-size treatment, monumental creatures like Altaria don’t make more reasonably-sized plushes any less appealing. As long as plushies continue to be so profitable, there will likely be a cuddly option for any fan no matter how many Pokémon are in the national Pokédex. With names like Arcanine, Lucario, and the massive Snorlax in the life-sized plush line, it will be interesting to see which Pokémon will be the next full-sized option to join the ranks.

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Source: Nintendo Life, Pokémon Center Japan


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