Bigg Boss Telugu; Baladitya gives up smoking for task; Arjun Kalyan gets emotional seeing his family


The latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 6 is a continuation of family task and housemates getting emotional speaking to their loved ones. As per the task, housemates have to sacrifice some things to interact with their loved ones. Bigg Boss instructed Geetu to either convince housemates to sacrifice sugar or convince Baladitya to quit smoking in order to recharge the battery of the house so that housemates can meet their loved ones. Baladitya agreed to sacrifice his cigarettes. Geetu later revealed to Adi that she lied to the housemates about Bigg Boss’ offer. The battery of the housemates spiked to 90%.

Bigg Boss then called Geetu into the confession room and she chose an audio call with her father. Next Arjun Kalyan was sent into the confession room and asked Bigg Boss if he can give his chance to anyone else. Bigg Boss didn’t agree and asked him chose,  Arjun picked a video call. Since Marina missed her mic, the battery dropped to 35 percent again.

Geetu got an audio call from her father and he instructed her to play well and become a role model. Arjun got emotional watching a video byte of his father. Keerthi, Sri Satya, Vasanthi, and Surya get emotional too. Bigg Boss cut 5 percent batter again as Revanth slept. Inaya chose a photo frame of her father and family for 25% battery.

Sri Satya then chose for a video call with her mother for 35 percent battery. Baladitya chose an audio call with his wife for 50 percent battery and got emotional talking to her. The battery meter got dead again.  

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 today’s promo

Bigg Boss announces that if either Rohit or Vasanthi get nominated for two weeks next, then the battery will be recharged again and housemates get a chance to meet their loved ones. Rohit chooses to get nominated and recharge the battery. The house is filled with emotions and laughter speaking to their loved ones.


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