Bigg Boss Telugu 6: Revanth, Vasanthi and 10 others get nominated for eviction this week


The latest episode of Nagarjuna hosted Bigg Boss Telugu 6 was full of drama and fights as it was nominations day. Geetu and Baladitya talk it out after their previous argument on Sunday. Surya tells Bigg Boss that he will change the game as he will make housemates believe that there is something between him and Inaya. Bigg Boss then announces the nominations task.

As per the nomination task, the contestants had to put their nominated contestants on the chair where they get drenched in muddy water. Faima nominated Vasanthi and Baladitya. Rohit nominated Revanth saying the latter has slept during the day being a captain. Rohit then nominated Srihan.

Sri Satya nominated Baladitya for not supporting her during nominations and then she nominated Revanth for sleeping being a captain. Baladitya nominated Revanth stating he slept during the day being a captain. Revanth accepted his mistake. Baladitya then nominated Faima.  Adi Reddy nominated Arjun. He also nominated Vasanthi stating she is weak and doesn’t deserve to stay in the house. Vasanthi gave a strong retort. Srihan nominated Inaya alleging that she called him a ‘liar’. He then nominated Keerthi calling her weak citing her frequent emotional breakdowns.

Marina nominated Revanth and Adi Reddy. Geetu nominated Vasanthi calling her previous nomination ‘silly’. She nominated Baladitya saying she personally feels Bigg Boss is not his cup of tea.Arjun nominated Baladitya and Adi Reddy. Vasanthi nominated Rajsekhar and Revanth. Keerthi nominated Srihan and Baladitya. Revanth nominated Sri Satya and Marina.

At the end of the task, Bigg Boss announced that Rohit, Baladitya, Revanth, Vasanthi, Srihan, Adi Reddy, Inaya, Arjun, Keerti, Sri Satya, Marina, Rajsekhar and Faima got nominated for eviction.


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