Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Nominations: Inaya and 6 others in danger zone; Twist in Marina, Rohit jodi


The latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 6, hosted by Nagarjuna is a day for nominations. As per the nomination task of the week, Bigg Boss calls out a chosen pair of contestants who were handcuffed and they had to discuss and decide who among them would get nominated for eviction. Bigg Boss also announced that Marina and Rohith, who are couple, will play individual games.

They were the first ones to participate in the nomination task. Marina chose to get nominated. She sacrificed her chance for Rohit. He got emotional as she gave up and got nominated. Inaya and Srihan were handcuffed, and both put their points out. However, Inaya backed out and vowed to perform and get saved by the end of the week and even win the trophy.

Vasanthi and Sudeepa were handcuffed next. The two argued but Vasanthi gave up and chose to get nominated. Next, Arjun Kalyan and Sri Satya had a debate over the nominations and the former gave up and chose to prove his performance. Adi Reddy and Revanth had a prolonged discussion and the former eventually chose to get nominated. Among Faima and Surya, the latter got nominated.

Revanth, Faima and Srihan responded to some sounds outside the BB house. Bigg Boss warned the housemates to not indulge in any such activities and captain Keerthi also wanted to decide to punish but arguments erupted with Revanth.

Raj and Baladitya failed to come to a conclusion over the nomination and asked Bigg Boss to take a call. When Bigg Boss asked, Baladitya decided to get nominated. 

Nominated contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu 6 this week:

Towards the end of the task, Marina, Inaya, Vasanthi, Arjun, Adi Reddy, Faima, Baladitya and Chanti get nominated for eviction.


Promo of Bigg Boss Telugu today:

The new promo Bigg Boss Telugu 6 shows housemates performing fun tasks as they celebrate Bigg Boss’ birthday.


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