Bigg Boss Telugu 6: Housemates talk about their families; Surya and Revanth compete in captaincy task


The latest episode of Nagarjuna hosted Bigg Boss Telugu 6 began with Geethy warning Revanth to check the comfort of female contestants before getting close to them. The next day in the house begins with a task. Bigg Boss asked housemates to write down their wishes, talk about them and drop them in a well. Bigg Boss assured them to fulfill their wishes.

Srihan got emotional as he spoke about his parents and also urged his fiance Siri to take care of them. Baladitya also burst into tears talking about his newborn baby girl and wished for naming her soon. Faima spoke about her boyfriend Lucky and her parents.

Baladitya spoke about his parents and also wished Bigg Boss to show him a video of them. Surya wished for a video byte from his family and also spoke about his relationship with his father. Inaya wished her mother, who disapproved of her acting dreams, to come and stay with her in Hyderabad, so that she can be more confident in life.

Sudeepa asked Bigg Boss to fulfill her wish for her husband’s t-shirt and a video byte. Geetu asked for the fur of her pets. Adi Reddy wished to see his daughter or celebrate her birthday in the Bigg Boss house. 

Bigg Boss asked house captain Keerthi to name best six performers of the week. She took the names of Faima, Revanth, Surya, Geetu, Baladitya, and Rajsekhar. This decision made Inaya upset and a lot of discussion and fights in the house. 

The housemates then participated in a captaincy contender task wherein they had to axe wood and then arrange a puzzle. Inaya was the Sanchalak of the task. Surya and Revanth competed in the task at a time. Surya completed the task before Revanth. Revanth got emotional as he couldn’t perform as he expected to. Surya, Baladitya and Revanth moved to the next level of the captaincy task.


Bigg Boss Telugu 6 promo today:

The new promo of Bigg Boss Telugu 6 shows housemates giving their reasons and choosing the captain of the house among Surya, Baladitya and Revanth 


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