Bigg Boss Telugu 6: Arjun stands up for his wife Marina; Geetu and 9 others nominated


The latest episode of Nagarjuna hosted Bigg Boss Telugu 6 began with Arjun addressing Geetu that Revanth is upset with her for saying he likes Vasanthi. She mentioned that he can’t take jokes on him but cracks on everyone. Soon, the housemates argue about eggs. 

As it was Monday, Bigg Boss announced the nomination process, the contestants have to put foam on the face of the housemates they want to nominate. Revanth nominated Baladitya for calling him a ‘flop’. Baladitya clarified his comment. Revanth and Sudeepa had an argument over reasons the latter called ‘silly’. Keerthi nominated Geetu for misconstruing Chanti’s statement and next nominated Sri Satya. Adi Reddy nominated Marina saying she is just being nice but has no gameplay. He next nominated Keerthi saying she is making a big deal about Chanti’s issue and has no judgement, which led to a heated argument. 

Rohit nominated Srihan and Adi Reddy. Sudeepa nominated Adi Reddy and Keerthi. Srihan nominated Geetu saying her performance and skit on Aarohi and Surya went a little ‘overboard’. Geetu apologised to Surya and everyone. Srihan then nominated Rajsekhar saying his performance in the BB Hotel task was not up to snuff. Vasanthi nominated Adi Reddy and Geetu. 

Baladitya nominated Geetu and Rajsekhar. Surya nominated Geetu and Adi Reddy. Faima and Sudeepa argued over each other’s game. Faima then nominated Baladitya. Inaya nominated Srihan and Keerthi. Rajsekhar nominated Geetu and Baladitya. Marina nominated Keerthi and Adi Reddy. Rohit interfered and argued with Adi Reddy. The two had a face-off like never before. Adi argued that he is supporting Marina just because she is his wife.

Geetu nominated Rajsekhar and Keerthi. Arjun clarified to the housemates that his friendship with Sri Satya is very pure and that she isn’t his weakness.  He then nominated Keerthi and Adi Reddy. Satya nominated Keerthi for using the abusive word about Inaya and next to Adi Reddy. 

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 nominations this week

As the task ended, Geetu, Keerthi, Adi, Baladitya, Sudeepa, Srihan, Rajsekhar, Sri Satya and Marina were nominated for eviction this week.

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 today’s promo

The next day promo of Bigg Boss shows housemates sacrificing their basic equities to meet their loved ones. The contestants will get to see their family members in today’s episode and get emotional.


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