Bigfoot Officially Exists In The MCU


Werewolf by Night confirms several new monsters are real in the MCU, and this includes making the legendary sasquatch Bigfoot a Marvel character.

Warning: This post contains SPOILERS for Werewolf by Night!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe confirms Bigfoot officially exists in the franchise thanks to Werewolf by Night. By introducing a character like Werewolf by Night to the MCU, Marvel Studios immediately opened the door to other mythical creatures existing. The franchise already has dragons, vampires, and werewolves officially, and Werewolf by Night introduces several monsters to the MCU. While legendary monsters like Godzilla or the Loch Ness Monster have yet to make their way to the Marvel movies or shows, it is now confirmed that Bigfoot does exist in the MCU.


The Bigfoot reveal for the MCU comes in Werewolf by Night‘s opening minutes. The beginning of the Disney+ Special Presentation shows a brief history of Ulysses Bloodstone’s conquests with the Bloodstone weapon and a glimpse of some monsters he fought over the years. This includes a drawing of Ulysses fighting a Sasquatch in British Columbia many years ago. Werewolf by Night does not leave any doubt about Bigfoot’s existence in the MCU, though, as the drawing calls this specific Sasquatch, Bigfoot. So in addition to confirming that sasquatches in general are around in the MCU, the Werewolf by Night horror special is sure to canonize Bigfoot.

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There is a lingering question about whether Bigfoot is still alive in the MCU. The Werewolf by Night scene shows a drawing of Ulysses using the Bloodstone to attack Bigfoot, but it is not confirmed that he killed the mythical creature. There is a head of a Sasquatch mounted in the Bloodstone Manor, but it is impossible to confirm if this is Bigfoot or another member of his species that Ulysses defeated. If Bigfoot is dead when Werewolf by Night takes place in the MCU timeline, it likely points to the monster having a very different mythology on Earth-616 than what the real world has established about Bigfoot and sasquatches.

In the real world, the name Bigfoot was not connected to the myth until 1958 when a group of logging men coined the term to describe the discovery of massive human-like footprints in California. Werewolf by Night calling Bigfoot by name either means that Ulysses’ encounter with the Sasquatch took place after a similar event or that there is a different origin for Bigfoot’s name in the MCU. Even if the original Bigfoot is not alive in the MCU anymore, there is a chance that the legend of it lives on thanks to the other sasquatches that live in British Columbia and other parts of the world.

Now that Bigfoot and sasquatches do exist in the MCU, Marvel should capitalize on this by making the mythical creature the star of its next Disney+ Special. Even though sasquatches help set up Canada’s Avengers team, there is likely never going to be a place for Bigfoot to factor into the MCU’s plans on a grand scale. But since Marvel Studios is using these specials as a way to tell very different stories than the movies or shows, a found-footage-style special about people trying to find out if Bigfoot is real could be a lot of fun. Werewolf by Night proves a practical monster suit could work too.

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