Big Shot Season 2 Story Influenced By Bob Saget, Reveals John Stamos


John Stamos discussed how Bob Saget influenced an emotional storyline in Big Shot season 2. The two actors worked together on the seminal family sitcom Full House, reuniting for the reboot years later, and they developed a friendship. In the aftermath of Saget’s passing in January of this year, Stamos was one of many who gave tributes to Saget and spoke at length about their relationship. Stamos even recently addressed the possibility of reviving the Full House franchise without the presence of Saget as Danny Tanner, noting that it wouldn’t something would be fundamentally missing from the project.


Stamos and Saget have had successful careers since their respective roles as Jesse and Danny on Full House. A fixture of the small screen, who has played significant characters on several shows, Stamos recently leads the cast of the Disney+ sports series Big Shot. The series focuses on Marvyn Korn (Stamos), a basketball coach that gets from his university job and moves to California to coach a girls’ basketball team at an elite high school.

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During an interview with ScreenRant to promote Big Shot season 2, which is currently available to stream on Disney+, Stamos spoke openly about how Saget influenced an emotional storyline. Stamos noted that, through the character of Marvin, he wanted to explore the legacy and the importance of letting people know the positive impact they’ve had and that they’re loved while they’re still alive. Stamos says of Saget, who died suddenly at age 65: “He didn’t know how loved he was, and it was a tragedy that he didn’t get to hear what people thought of him.” You can read Stamos’ full quote below.

Five months before we started the show, Bob passed away, and I wanted to do a story about legacy. Because I don’t think Bob knew the impact that he had. He didn’t know how loved he was, and it was a tragedy that he didn’t get to hear what people thought of him and how he touched so many lives—how many lives he saved. And so, we did an episode where Marvin’s friend, an old coach mentor, dies. He gets this outpouring of love like Bob, and [Marvin’s like], “What am I leaving here? What’s my legacy? What have I done in my life?” He gets a chance to hear what he’s done that he maybe doesn’t realize. At graduation, the girls tell him what he means to them, and other people say, “This is how you changed my life.” It’s a beautiful story, but it’s inspired by Bob.

Why The Message Of Big Shot Season 2 Is So Important

One thing that movies and television can provide us, beyond escapism and entertainment and offering a window into other perspectives, is just that little nudge that reminds people of what matters. Getting lost in the daily grind and disagreements that seem insurmountable can be very easy. But as Stamos says in his remarks, people sometimes may not understand what they mean to those around them. It’s taken for granted that the ones we love will be around for a long time. But things can change instantly, which is why it matters to show people their appreciation while the opportunity is still there.

Hopefully, Saget knew, on some level, how much he meant to his loved ones, those he worked with, and his fans more broadly. The opportunity to speak about his legacy will continue in other projects like Netflix’s tribute special. It will continue anytime his memories are shared. Hopefully, in its own way, the resonant story of Big Shot season 2 is an incentive for its audience to slow down and remember the ones that truly matter.

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