Big Little Lies Season 3 Gets Disappointing Update From Witherspoon


Big Little Lies star Reese Witherspoon has offered an update about season 3 of the acclaimed HBO series, though it may disappoint viewers. Based on the novel of the same name by Liane Moriarty, Big Little Lies, directed by Jean-Marc Vallée, premiered in 2017 with an all-star cast including Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, Nicole Kidman, Zoë Kravitz, and Laura Dern as protagonists, “The Monterey 5.” While Big Little Lies season 1, framed around a mysterious murder, follows the events that bring the women together, season two deals with the fallout of those events – namely, Celeste’s (Kidman) abusive husband Perry’s (Alexander Skarsgård) death at the hands of Bonnie (Kravitz).


Season two moved beyond the novel and brought in Meryl Streep as Perry’s mother, who works to investigate her son’s death and take custody of Celeste’s children. With its tour-de-force performances, engaging soundtrack, and impressive production design, Big Little Lies was a hit for HBO. While season 2 left off on a major cliffhanger with the Monterey 5 arriving at the police station to turn themselves in, there have been mixed reports about whether season 3 is happening, despite Woodley and Kidman hinting that the cast is fighting hard to make it work and eager to return. After over three years, Witherspoon, who serves as a producer on the series, has provided an update.

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In a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Witherspoon spoke about the possibility of returning for Big Little Lies season 3. Though she confirmed that she and the cast often communicate and are all enthused about the possibility of working together again and completing the story, she mentions that returning would be painful due to director Vallée’s death. Her grief is certainly understandable, and given that Big Little Lies was heavily infused with Vallée’s style, it’s certainly difficult to imagine season 3 moving on without his input. See Witherspoon’s full statement below:

“I talk to Nicole Kidman about it all the time, too. And Laura Dern. And Zoë Kravitz. And Shailene Woodley. Somebody asked me the other day, ‘What co-stars do you talk to more than any other?’ It’s absolutely the Big Little Lies cast. We’re always talking and texting. But [director] Jean-Marc Vallée’s passing was really hard on us. He was our collaborator. He was our friend. He was our brother. So much of that series was born of his imagination and his creativity, so it is hard to imagine a future without him. But there is certainly a deep desire for all of us to connect and create those characters again.”

Why Big Little Lies Season 3 Is Unlikely

Vallée, who directed Big Little Lies season 1, went a long way in making the project his own, with his footprint present in every aspect of the series from its use of music to the detailed cinematography in each shot. Though he didn’t direct season 2, passing the baton over to Andrea Arnold, he was reported to have been involved in putting finishing touches on the season in order to preserve the series’ continuity. As Vallée served as a producer alongside Witherspoon and Kidman and worked closely with all the actors, it makes sense that they aren’t ready to return to the world he so meticulously helped to craft after his passing in December 2021. In addition to needing Vallée’s vision to put season 3 together, the actors’ schedules are a major hurdle in the way of making season 3 happen. Big Little Lies boasts some of the most prolific faces in Hollywood, and the main cast is kept very busy on other projects.

Despite the obstacles that could prevent Big Little Lies season 3 from happening, Witherspoon doesn’t discount the possibility, noting the cast’s eagerness to reunite and pick up where the Monterey 5 left off. She’s not the only one to express their interest, so it’s possible that the A-list actors will make the scheduling work and collaborate again when the time is right. Fans of the series will certainly continue to hope that will eventually be the case, but in the meantime, Big Little Lies seasons 1 and 2 are always available for a re-watch on HBO Max.

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