Big Brother: Why Fans Are Accusing Paloma Of Lying In Interviews


Big Brother fans are calling Paloma Aguilar a liar following interviews regarding her short-lived time inside the Big Brother house this summer.

Big Brother fans are accusing Paloma Aguilar of lying in recent interviews following the conclusion of season 24. This season came to an end on September 25 when Taylor Hale was crowned the winner of the season in one of the best comeback stories on the show. Taylor also made history when she was additionally crowned America’s Favorite Houseguest.

Paloma, on the other hand, did not make it even close to finale night, but this was not because she was evicted from the house. Now, she is being accused of lying about what happened in the house. In the first week of the competition, Paloma self-evicted from the game. Paloma went into the Big Brother game headstrong, ready to fight for the $750k cash prize. Unfortunately, after becoming severely sleep-deprived, Paloma ultimately decided to voluntarily leave the game for personal reasons.


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Paloma Aguilar Was Not Allowed to Be Part of The Big Brother Finale

Due to her self-eviction, Paloma was not allowed to be a part of the Big Brother finale; however, she has since spoken out about her short time on the show. She recently spoke with fellow houseguest Indy Santos on an Instagram Live, during which they touched on the drama that unfolded inside the house. After discussing Paloma’s mental and physical health battle leading to her sudden departure from the show, Indy confronted Paloma about her alleged bullying towards Taylor, such as calling her a “pageant girl.” Defending herself, Paloma claimed that production encouraged her to use this verbiage during her Diary Room sessions.

Following the hour-long Instagram Live, Big Brother fans took to Twitter, where they accused Paloma of lying. Twitter user @perksofbeingHC noted that Paloma was referring to Taylor as a “pageant girl” within “the first few hours in the house,” therefore, production was unable to have an influence on these comments. Another user hypothesized that Paloma originated the remark while production simply encouraged her to repeat it. Many other tweets noted Paloma had been referring to Taylor as a “pageant girl” outside the Diary Room as well.

Paloma reiterated in the interview that she was dealing with a sleep deprivation psychosis, which ultimately resulted in her behavior. It is unclear if production did in fact play a role in Paloma’s comments. She did, however, claim that there is a chance she can get in trouble with CBS for revealing this information due to the contract she signed prior to joining Big Brother. Whether it is in fact true or not, fans strongly believe that Paloma is lying.

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Source: @PerksofBeingHC/ Twitter, Indy Santos/ Instagram


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