Big Brother: Taylor Reveals Who Apologized Post-Show (& Who Didn’t)


When Big Brother 24 began, many of the houseguests bullied Taylor Hale. Now, after her historic win, Taylor reveals who apologized for their behavior.

Big Brother 24 winner Taylor Hale had a long road to her victory that began with several of her fellow houseguests bullying her at the beginning of the season, and now she has shared who has apologized for their problematic behavior. Taylor made history as the first Black woman Big Brother winner and the first person ever to win both the entire game and the America’s Favorite Houseguest prize, but her game almost ended in week 1 when Paloma Aguilar made her the house target. After Paloma self-evicted, Daniel Durston blamed Taylor for her departure, an accusation that Paloma has since said was untrue. He viciously verbally attacked Taylor after a misunderstanding occurred between Taylor and his number one ally, Nicole Layog. Additionally, Big Brother fans were disgusted by the micro-aggressions directed at Taylor by some of the other houseguests. However, she eventually joined The Leftovers alliance, which formed in part to put a stop to her bullying.


In an interview with Julie Chen Moonves on Julie’s God 101 podcast, Taylor revealed that some of the houseguests apologized to her after the game ended. She shared that she has now watched the second and third episodes of the Big Brother 24 season and some compilations of clips of things that were said about her in the house. Taylor said she expected Big Brother to be difficult in some aspects, but she did not anticipate that it would be “as personal as it was for as long as it was.” However, she shared that what is important to her is that “people take accountability for what they said.” She said, “I cannot go to everybody and ask for them to apologize to me. It has to be something that they step up and do on their own. A handful of people have done that.” Taylor stated that she prefers that there is a line of communication so that she eventually can decide if she is open to having relationships with these people. She added that she is very grateful for those who have already apologized.

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Some Big Brother 24 Houseguests Have Apologized To Taylor And Some Have Not

Taylor then revealed that the people with whom she had the “deepest conversations” have been Nicole, Ameerah Jones, and Indy Santos. She said that they have “really fleshed through some of the grit, and I still have to go back and work through everything.” Taylor laughed as she added that Jasmine Davis has also tried to speak to her a bit, but her husband is in town, so she is “not so mad at her” about spending time with him. She said that there are “some conversations that are on deck, but the ones that have been really good and productive, I’m happy that they are willing to own their discrepancies.” Taylor also said that she has not heard from Daniel or Paloma, but she did give Daniel a hug on finale night. She explained that she does not want to have “vitriol or animosity” towards anyone in the cast because they all went through “something very unique.” Taylor shared that when she hugged Daniel she said, “no bad blood,” and he responded, “Yeah. Okay.”

Throughout Big Brother history, contestants have been bullied before, but the unfair treatment of Taylor at the beginning of season 24 was especially cruel. These houseguests do owe her an apology because their personal attacks went beyond gameplay and were unnecessary. It is nice to hear that some of the contestants have reached out to her, but it is disappointing that some who owe her the biggest apologies have not yet tried to speak to her.

Taylor had one of the biggest underdog stories in Big Brother history. She went from sitting on the chopping block in week 1 to sitting in the Final 2 chairs on finale night. She was nominated six times throughout the season. However, the personal attacks that she endured early in the game were most likely the hardest things for her to endure. Taylor handled it with grace and dignity, and her willingness to forgive people for their problematic behavior toward her shows what kind of a person she really is. Taylor is truly a new Big Brother legend.

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