Big Brother 24 Winner Taylor Hale’s Instagram Highlights


Big Brother season 24 contestant Taylor Hale enjoyed a historic victory. The former Miss Michigan is also active on Instagram and posts regularly.

Taylor Hale made her mark in Big Brother history by winning both the Big Brother season 24 champion title and America’s Favorite Houseguest honors. After constantly battling for the crown for more than 80 days, Taylor finally defeated all the worthy contestants in the Big Brother race and went on to become the first Black woman who won the non-celebrity season of Big Brother. She took to her Instagram and expressed her gratitude for all the love and appreciation she received from fans.


Winning the Big Brother season 24 title was never easy for Taylor. She was on the outs with the contestants from the very beginning of the season. Other houseguests allied against her and targeted her during evictions. After being ignored and belittled by other contestants, Taylor joined the “Leftovers” alliance. As soon as she began to understand the game, Taylor aced every step and overcame every obstacle.

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Taylor was the strongest contestant on Big Brother season 24, and she made the best social connections in the house. In the finale, she openly confronted jury members by saying, “Jury members, I am challenging you to make the hard decision and change the course of this game.” Taylor was confident that she deserves to be the ultimate winner of Big Brother. Taylor addressed her victory by saying, “I have overcome so much in this game, and I’ve come to understand that I am not a shield. I am a sword. I am not a victim. I am a victor.” After witnessing the roller coaster journey of Taylor on Big Brother, fans are now even more interested to take a walk through Taylor’s Instagram highlights.

Taylor’s Special Thanks To ‘HaleRaisers’

Taylor addressed her victory on the Big Brother season 24 by posting a winning moment picture of herself on Instagram. She penned a beautiful thought, saying, “When you walk the path I walked in the game, there’s no room left for humility.” Taylor specially thanked her fandom called “HaleRaisers” for constantly supporting and uplifting her through the tough times.

Taylor Wearing Her ‘Miss Michigan’ Crown

Big Brother is not the only title Taylor has earned; she has also secured the honor of being Miss Michigan 2021. Miss Michigan 2022 was held recently, and Taylor had to pass her tiara to the new Miss Michigan. Taylor posted her video on Instagram while taking off the tiara, remembering that she would be doing it for the last time. She also penned her emotions in the caption of the video by saying, “Then all of a sudden – you take it off for the last time.”

Taylor Vacationing in San Diego

Before entering the Big Brother house, Taylor seems to be enjoying her vacation in San Diego. She posted herself on Instagram wearing a bikini and relishing her time soaking in the sun. Taylor appears to be having a pleasant time on the yacht surrounded by San Diego’s water. She captioned her post by leaving a question for her followers, asking, “Who’s your favorite SpongeBob character? Mine is Sandy Cheeks.”

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