Big Brother 24: Top 10 Players Ranked By Likeliness To Play Again


Big Brother 24 has reached its end, and this season has been very amusing. This summer fans of the show were introduced to a whole new group of fun and smart players. This season was one of the better ones in recent memory, and that has a lot to do with the cast.

Some players this season were very entertaining, while others tied famous Big Brother records. Overall, this cast was one of the strongest in the modern era of the show. When Big Brother eventually decides to bring back former houseguests, players from this season should definitely be in the conversation.


10/10 Jasmine Davis

Jasmine placed 10th and was the second member of the jury. The biggest reason that she would come back was her humor and southern charm.

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Jasmine was in a few alliances, like the girl’s alliance and the five swatters. She had a good social game, as she was close with Indy, Alyssa, and Joseph. She did unfortunately hurt her ankle, which hindered her ability to play her best game. She did win an HOH, however, so the viewer did see a peek at what she could do, physically. Overall, she would be a solid candidate to come back.

9/10 Terrance Higgins

Terrance came in 7th and entered the jury as the 5th member. He surprised a lot of people with his ability to strategize.

Older houseguests tend to have a reputation for not making it far and lacking any strategic ability. Terrance flew under the radar for the first few weeks, and it seemed he would follow suit when he was nominated three times. When the house split in two, however, he showed he could hold his own when he orchestrated Joseph’s demise. He was HOH and won a veto, so he turned into a quality player.

8/10 Brittany Hoopes

Brittany was aligned with Michael since the start of the season. Michael ran the game physically, but Brittany held her own as well.

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Brittany relied on her social game for most of the season. She was never truly targeted, as everyone’s attention was on Michael. She might not have won as many competitions as Michael, but she held the veto four times. Her mental game was also strong. She tried to convince Michael to backdoor Turner when it was most beneficial for her game. She was a good all-around player, and America would surely be happy to see her back.

7/10 Alyssa Snider

Alyssa was voted out in 5th place and was best known for her showmance with Kyle. Even though she was left out of the majority alliance, she proved to be a better-than-average player.

Alyssa started the season in limbo as she was part of the backstage twist, but was saved when Paloma dramatically left the game. She then used her social game to position herself in a good spot and had such a good relationship with Kyle that he refused to use the veto to get her out in week six. Her physical game was weak, but the Festie Bestie twist did not help her, as her partner Indy was not great physically either. With one season under her belt, she could turn into a great player if she returns.

6/10 Taylor Hale

Taylor was in trouble at the start of the season, but she has turned her game around and won in unbelievable fashion. From a possible week one eviction to a historic winner, Taylor made her mark on this season.

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America would love it if Taylor returned, as the viewers had her back when she was being bullied. Her physical game made her worthy to return, because she won a few competitions when she needed them. She was entertaining and a good player, which is a good recipe for a returnee. Big Brother does not bring winners back too often, but America would love to see Taylor again.

5/10 Joseph Abdin

Joseph was voted out at Dyre Fest after Kyle betrayed the Leftovers. He surprised some people with how articulate he was with his perspective on the game.

There is a stigma that the buff and muscle-y guys are not very sound when it comes to strategy. Joseph proved that this is not always the case. He did not win any competitions, as his biggest strength was his intellect. Joseph was very coherent in his diary room sessions when he explained what he thought the best game move was. This is the biggest reason why the show would have him back. This is also one reason why Joseph would be a Big Brother 24 houseguest that could win Survivor.

4/10 Matt Turner

Turner was pushed aside in the first few weeks, but he got the ball rolling with the Leftovers, which was one of the strongest alliances this season, when he nominated Ameerah. He quickly became a good player and was a very funny character.

Turner had no leverage in the game until he joined the Leftover alliance. He won three HOHs and each time, used his power to shake up the house. He was not afraid to make the big moves needed to win, which viewers love to see. Big Brother fans admire it when players take risks instead of always playing the safe move, which is why Turner should be a great candidate to bring back.

3/10 Ameerah Jones

Ameerah was the biggest what-if of the season, as she was the first casualty of the Leftovers. She was voted in week three, due to her threatening strategic prowess.

Ameerah’s social game was decent, as she thought she was in a good spot with the girl’s alliance and Po’s Pack. However, it was not strong enough to recognize that other houseguests perceived her as a possible threat. Ameerah was also one of the most likable houseguests this season. She was an extremely cunning player, and if she comes back with a stronger social game, she could definitely go the distance.

2/10 Monte Taylor

Monte has had a high-profile spot in the house since the beginning of the summer. He was well-rounded in all aspects of the game.

His four competition wins speak for his physical game, as he held a lot of power this season. However, it was his likability that won a lot of people over. Monte made allies very easily in the house, so he never felt like he was in danger, and he coasted for a while. He played the “Captain America” archetype this season, so viewers would be glad to see him come back.

1/10 Michael Bruner

Michael was the overall favorite to win this season for the majority of the summer, but Monte and Turner took him out at the final six double eviction. He tied Janelle’s record for most competition wins in a season.

Michael is a shoo-in to be a returnee in a later season. He was the strongest overall player on Big Brother 24. Aside from his competition wins, he was very savvy. Michael saw the game very clearly out in front of him, so he knew exactly what route to take. The only critique one could make about his game is that he won so many competitions, since that made his threat level skyrocket. It would be his decision to come back, and the super fan inside of him must feel like there is unfinished business inside the house.

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