Big Brother 24: Taylor Reveals She Will Take Joseph Abdin On Cruise


Fans of Big Brother season 24 contestants Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin have been rooting for “Jaylor” to become a couple for most of the season, and now Taylor reveals that she will take Joseph on the cruise that she received by winning America’s Favorite Houseguest. Taylor made Big Brother history as the first Black female champion and the first person to win both the game and the America’s Favorite Houseguest prize. In addition to the $750,000 grand prize, Taylor won $50,000 as America’s Favorite Houseguest. She also received a seven-day cruise for two aboard a Princess cruise ship, as the cruise line is an official partner for the upcoming CBS show The Real Love Boat. The cruise has an approximate value of $4,000.


In an interview with Julie Chen Moonves on Julie’s God 101 podcast, Taylor shared that Joseph will join her on the cruise. Julie was ecstatic when she heard the news. Taylor said that she has told Joseph that she will take him on the cruise because they “both just need to decompress.” She said, “It’s a BB reward. I’ll take him on the BB trip.” Taylor also revealed that she and Joseph are “taking our time” when it comes to romance. She explained that “from a friendship level, Joseph and I played very similar games, very clean games, as clean as possible. And we played with a lot of integrity.” She added that they are working through hearing about the more painful things that were said by their fellow Big Brother houseguests about the both of them and the things that were said to turn them against each other.

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BB24’s Taylor Wants Relationship With Joseph To Begin From Healthy Place

Taylor went on to say that she does not want to begin a relationship with Joseph that is based on “trauma bonding.” As she explained, “I don’t think it’s smart for anybody to rush into a relationship or anything romantic when you are processing some really heavy things. That’s trauma bonding. And I think I’m old enough to realize that if I want to have a healthy, long-lasting relationship, I don’t want that to start by trauma bonding. I want that to start from a healthy place.” Because of that, Taylor and Joseph have decided that they will slowly watch the season together, “take our time, and we will evaluate as we go.” However, they do have an undeniable connection. Taylor shared, “But we’ve said, similar to Janelle [Pierzina] and Kaysar [Ridha], we feel like soulmates.” She added that whether their relationship is romantic or platonic, “he’s always going to be someone that I care for and clown around with, no matter what.”

Taylor and Joseph had a complicated relationship in the Big Brother house. They bonded when they were chained together in costume for 48 hours as a punishment from a veto competition, but the Split House twist tore them apart. They had no contact with each other for a week, and Joseph was evicted from Dyre Fest without the chance to say goodbye to Taylor. Therefore, the other Dyre Fest members were able to blame him for revealing The Leftovers alliance, also making it appear as though he had betrayed Taylor. Later, Taylor had a brief showmance with eventual Big Brother runner-up Monte Taylor, which ended before they left the house. Joseph seemed very hurt when he found out about it in the jury house because he had left the game with the hope that maybe he and Taylor could start a relationship when the game was over. Taylor and Joseph definitely need to start their relationship from a better place, so Taylor is smart to recognize the different between real feelings and trauma bonding.

As Big Brother 24 ends, Taylor has $800,000 and a cruise as her prizes. However, her biggest win could come down the road if she and Joseph begin the relationship that everyone has been rooting for. Taking him on the cruise and getting away from the world that has been watching them for months may be just what they need. Perhaps they will become the next Big Brother super couple.

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