Big Brother 24: Taylor Hale’s 9 Most Iconic Quotes


Big Brother 24 winner Taylor Hale has already cemented herself as one of the most likable, entertaining, and impressive individuals to ever win the game. The genuine relationships she formed with others and how she navigated the season was an important reminder that Big Brother is above all a social game.

Taylor’s equally impressive and entertaining social game is best captured through her many iconic quotes throughout the season. Some of these quotes were said when interacting with other houseguests, while others were shared in the diary room, in goodbye messages, or during her memorable speech to the jury on finale night.


“With The Lays?”

Big Brother 24, Episode 8

One of the most upsetting moments in BB24 occurred when Daniel Durston verbally attacked Taylor in front of the other houseguests. Daniel accused Taylor of many horrible and untrue things, including that she was the reason Paloma Aguilar self-evicted.

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Despite this being a traumatic moment for Taylor and for many fans, Taylor unintentionally brought some levity to it when Daniel told Taylor to stop, and she replied, “With the Lays?” Taylor was holding a bag of Lays potato chips and initially thought Daniel was telling her to stop with the delicious snack. Taylor’s unforgettable reply and her love for Lays led to numerous diary sessions with her eating Lays, and even Lays took notice of this by tweeting their support on Twitter.

“To Quote The Big Brother Superfan, Rihanna, You Look So Dumb Right Now.”

Big Brother 24, Episode 12

Big Brother live feed watchers were excited when they heard Taylor was preparing a “spicy speech” for when she was on the block against Nicole Layog on eviction night. Fans were not disappointed as Taylor quoted Rihanna and used the quote to show how foolish it was for Nicole to let her best friend and closest ally in the house (Daniel) not use the veto, even though this meant Nicole would go on the block.

It was a breath of fresh air to see Taylor be able to confidently and comfortably speak her mind in front of all the houseguests. It was a fun jab as opposed to the blatant cruelty directed at Taylor for weeks.

“Revenge Is Sweet…And A Little Salty.”

Big Brother 24, Episode 14

Taylor’s influence and the genuine relationships she formed with the week 5 HOH (Michael Bruner) and the rest of the Leftovers’ alliance were instrumental in Daniel going on the block. Instead of just saying it was sweet revenge, Taylor made her reaction much more entertaining in the diary room as she said, “Revenge is sweet…and a little salty” before winking at the camera and eating a Lays’ potato chip.

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These kinds of tongue-in-cheek remarks made Taylor’s diary room sessions the best to watch during BB24. Connecting it back to Lays in reaction to Daniel going on the block was the perfect touch.

“I Guess Your Wish Will Come True. You Don’t Have To Speak To Me Until Finale Night.”

Big Brother 24, Episode 15

Earlier in the season, Daniel told Taylor that he did not want to speak to her until finale night. When he was evicted a few weeks later, it was incredibly rewarding to see Taylor throw his words back at him in her goodbye message.

Unlike Daniel who spoke in unfounded anger and aggression, Taylor delivered this remark with poise and a just purpose. This was arguably the best goodbye message in BB24 and is among the most satisfyingly brutal goodbye messages in Big Brother history.

“I Know The Rest Of The World Wants Me To Respond With Rage, But If I Respond With Rage, I Don’t Have Any Energy Left To Play This Game, So I Have To Choose Love.”

Big Brother 24 Live Feeds

One of the most impressive aspects of Taylor’s game is she always responded with love and grace, even when she had every right to be angry with others. An example of this is when Taylor learned that Kyle Capener suggested there was an alliance made up of all the people of color in the house (an alliance that never existed and that he had no evidence) and that an all-white alliance needed to be formed to counter this.

As Taylor told Brittany Hoopes on the live feeds, while the expectation might be for her to respond with rage, she chose love instead. Treating others with love and respect is genuinely who Taylor is. In terms of the game, it helped with her jury management as the jury members had such positive feelings toward her and respected the game she was playing. Plus, her social game was the key thing that helped her win BB24.

“I Am The Block Buster.”

Big Brother 24, Episode 34

Despite facing eviction six times and seeming like she was least likely to win the BB24 season during week 1, Taylor always stayed over the person sitting next to her. Taylor excelled at making the other houseguests feel that it was more beneficial for their games to keep her than to keep the other nominee. It is telling that only two houseguests voted to evict her during the six times she faced eviction, with Daniel voting to keep Nicole, and Brittany voting to keep Alyssa Snider.

Eventually, Taylor used being on the block to her advantage and made it part of her strategy, making it fitting when she referred to herself as the block buster, and being clear that Monte Taylor shouldn’t be so overconfident about winning the game.

“I Have Bled Out The Most In This Game, But I Have Bandaged Myself Together Every Single Time And Continued To Fight.”

Big Brother 24, Episode 34

Big Brother houseguests often talk about getting “blood on their hands” through the big moves they make when nominating and evicting other houseguests. In her speech to the jury on finale night, Taylor made a compelling argument that the player with the most blood on their hands shouldn’t automatically be the winner.

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It is more impressive to see someone like her who has “bled” more than anyone. She faced more personal and game-related challenges than any other of the other houseguests, yet she always played a stellar social game to stay in the house, make it to the end, and to earn her place as the winner.

“I Am A Sword.”

Big Brother 24, Episode 34

One of the many things that fans and fellow houseguests love about Taylor is her ability to be empowering. Her quote about being a sword instead of a shield and a victor instead of a victim was a great example of that. Taylor proved that the adversity she faced in the game did not define her. She was defined by how she overcame all the adversity.

When Joseph Abdin put in his key, he said he was voting for the sword of the season, and with an 8-1 vote, she became the victor. Fans continue to call Taylor the sword of the season, with it being a reminder of her iconic speech and everything her perseverance and victory represents.

“Jury Members: I Am Challenging You To Make The Hard Decision And Change The Course Of This Game And Choose Progress.”

Big Brother 24, Episode 34

When a houseguest is evicted and sent to jury, they usually feel that their time in the game is over, even though they are the ones who ultimately crown the winner. Taylor’s speech not only empowered her, but it empowered the jury, reminding them that they were still an active part of the game.

Instead of crowning a winner based on competition wins, they could choose a winner based on their social game. Compared to the winners of more recent seasons, it would be an unconventional choice, but a decision that would likely change the course of the game for the better. The jury was excited and felt some ownership over choosing to be part of history and progress by voting her the winner.

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