Big Brother 24: Joseph Reveals His Family Loves Taylor ‘So Much’


Big Brother 24’s Joseph and Taylor are taking their relationship slowly now that the game is over, but he shares that his family already loves her.

Big Brother 24 houseguests Joseph Abdin and Taylor Hale have been taking their time before beginning a relationship outside the game, but he revealed that his family loves Taylor already. Joseph and Taylor, nicknamed “Jaylor” by their fans, were just beginning to develop real feelings for each other when they were ripped apart by the Big Brother Split House twist. Joseph was evicted and did not even have a chance to say goodbye to Taylor. His fellow houseguests blamed the betrayals that occurred during the week on him, and Taylor was led to believe that he had broken her trust. When Big Brother 24 ended, Taylor found out the truth, and she and Joseph have been getting to know each other in the real world after her historic win. Taylor even shared that she will take Joseph on the cruise that she won as part of her America’s Favorite Houseguest prize.


In an interview with Us Weekly, Joseph shared that he and Taylor have spent the two weeks since Big Brother ended hanging out together, but they finally have gone home to spend time with their families. However, they plan to see each other very soon. Joseph’s family has taken a liking to Taylor, which he revealed by saying, “My family loves her so much.” He went on to say, “They ask me a lot about her and make sure she’s doing well and they’re very protective and loving of her which warms my heart.” In early October, Joseph met Taylor’s mother at the Miss USA pageant, which they attended together.

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Taylor & Joseph Feel That They Will Always Be In Each Other’s Lives

Taylor has said that she and Joseph see each other as soulmates, similar to Big Brother best friends Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha. She feels that, even if their relationship does not progress into romance, they will always be in each other’s lives. Joseph was protective of Taylor when some of their fellow Big Brother houseguests bullied her earlier in the season. They bonded even further when they were tethered together as a punishment from a veto competition, which actually turned out to be a blessing by bringing them closer together in many ways.

If Taylor and Joseph do become a couple, the support of their families will be important. Joseph’s family probably feels as though they already know Taylor well after watching her on Big Brother 24. They were very active on social media during Joseph’s time in the game and were very appreciative of Joseph’s fans. They surely will welcome Taylor into their lives with open arms if she and Joseph ever become a couple.

Jaylor fans are rooting for them to become the next Big Brother super couple, but they are smart to take things slowly. The support of each other’s families will be crucial for them to make their courtship work. Taylor has said that she wants their romance to be real and not based on trauma bonding, so they will go to therapy before they begin dating. Joseph and Taylor are sure to have a healthy and happy relationship if they continue on this path.

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