Big Brother 24: 10 Smartest Players Of The Season, Ranked By Intelligence


Although Big Brother 24 is officially over and Taylor Hale has been crowned the winner of the show, fans still can’t seem to get the show out of their heads just yet. This season featured a lot of new elements that should make any Big Brother fan excited about the future. Usually, new twists do not sit well with fans, but the 24th addition seemed to incorporate some good ones. One aspect of the show that also makes or breaks a season is the quality of the cast.

This season’s cast was very fun. Not only did it feature a lot of funny characters and impressive physical competitors, but the contestants also proved to be very strong too. No matter the situation, it always seemed like these houseguests could think their way out of any conundrum.


10/10 Nicole Layog

Nicole was a very smart player who sadly got evicted before she had the time to shine. From her introduction, it was clear that Nicole could have been a bright player as she did not overthink things and saw the game right in front of her.

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Unfortunately, she just ended up allying herself with the wrong person as Daniel got her evicted. If she had lasted longer in the season, fans have no doubt that she would have had the ability to orchestrate some very smart game moves.

9/10 Alyssa Snider

Alyssa will probably be best known for her showmance with Kyle; however, she also proved herself to be an intelligent player as her smarts were shown in her social game.

Alyssa was constantly aware of her relationship with the other houseguests and knew who was on her side. Although she was put in a tough position when her number one ally, Paloma, dramatically walked away from the game, she was smart enough to not let this hinder her social tenacity and set herself up well for the next few weeks. If a few different things fall her way, she could have made it to the end.

8/10 Terrance Higgins

Usually, older players do not have the best reputation when it comes to success in the game, but Terrance did not follow this pattern. His game really showed out in the split house twist.

Terrance was consistently looked over in the first portion of the game, but his HOH reign at Dyre Fest showed what a smart player he could be. He was able to get the game-changing information out of Kyle which was the existence of the dominating Leftovers alliance. Terrance then used this information as leverage against Joseph, who turned his anger at Kyle and not him. This made it obvious that Terrance knew what he was doing inside the Big Brother House. Unfortunately for him, he was just outplayed by smarter players.

7/10 Brittany Hoopes

Brittany aligned herself early with Michael, which was probably the smartest move she made all season since Michael tied Janelle’s record for competition wins. However, she proved herself to be a worthy player on her own too.

Brittany seemed to always know what the better move was. For instance, she knew that Turner should have left at the final five instead of Alyssa. If Turner was evicted here, there is a good chance that Brittany makes it to the final three. She was also smart enough to not tell people about her occupation as a hypnotherapist since that would have definitely alienated her.

6/10 Ameerah Jones

Ameerah was the biggest what-if of the season since she was evicted so early. She was extremely socially savvy and knew her way around the game.

Ameerah seemed to dominate the very early portion of the game after she aligned herself with a majority of the houseguests. However, she got exposed as the smartest player in the house and was evicted in week three. With her knowledge of the game, Ameerah could have orchestrated some chaotic Derrick Levasseur-esque moments had she made it further.

5/10 Monte Taylor

Monte, overall, was a smart and safe player. He did not like to do anything to put his game at risk but knew when it was his moment to strike.

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Monte was a difficult houseguest to narrow down their intelligence. He was very smart in terms of the game. He knew Michael had to go at the double eviction and he was also one of the catalysts for the Leftovers to form. However, there are moments like when he missed a crucial veto competition because he did not wake up in time (which hurt his intellectual reputation).

4/10 Taylor Hale

Taylor struggled socially in the first few weeks, but resurrected her game in week three after she showed off her ability to think critically numerous times throughout the season.

Taylor knew what direction she had to move in order to advance further in the game. She aligned herself with Michael and Brittany, which was smart since they were in power a lot. Taylor also got close with Joseph and Monte, who were two big, physically powerful men she could use as shields if that situation arose. Her wit was a skill of hers that helped her grab the win this season.

3/10 Matt Turner

With Turner’s vernacular, it may seem like he might not be the smartest. However, Turner was one of the shrewdest houseguests of the season.

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Turner got the ball rolling with Leftovers as he blindsided the rest of the house when he nominated Ameerah. Turner also knew the smarter route to go after the split house twist as he nominated Brittany and Taylor. He could have won if he had not voted out Alyssa at the final five because that was a dumb move that hurt his game.

2/10 Joseph Abdin

Joseph was the biggest surprise of this season, in regard to intellect. He was one of the undercover lawyers in the house.

Joseph was far and away the most coherent and eloquent person in the diary room. He was clear in what he wanted to accomplish with a certain decision and articulated his feelings well. If not for the split house twist, it would have been interesting to see how far Joseph would have gone. It was thought that Joseph would dominate this game physically because he was in really great shape, but Joseph’s biggest attribute was his intellect.

1/10 Michael Bruner

Michael was the most dominating player physically, but also intellectually as well. If he plays again, he has a chance to be an all-time great.

The other lawyer of the season pretty much knew everything that went on. When someone tried to talk to him, he knew the reason behind it and what they tried to accomplish. He made sure to always have his options open for whatever way he wanted to play as he was not super committed to the Leftovers at the start. He will be in the Big Brother record books due to his physical dominance, but he was the smartest person on the show this season.

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