Big Brother: 10 Most Unfair Evictions, According To Reddit


Big Brother is wrapping up its 24th season soon as they hope to close out another chapter of this era smoothly, without any hiccups in these last few evictions. Big Brother has a decent reputation regarding how they handle certain evictions, but there are still a few that fans deem unfair.

Big Brother has a tendency to incorporate ridiculous powers and twists randomly. Some houseguests get screwed over by twists or are victims of a special, overpowered ability, while some fans just thought certain players deserved to stay in the game longer. With that in mind, Reddit fans had a field day discussing how unfair certain evictions were.


Dustin Erikstrup – Big Brother 8

Dustin was shockingly evicted in week six of Big Brother 8. Dick was originally supposed to go home this week, but the America’s player twist changed Dustin’s fate.

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Dustin volunteered to go on the block next to Dick since he thought it would have been an easy vote. However, America made Eric campaign for Dick and flip the vote. In a normal season, Dick is easily evicted this week, but America found him entertaining, so they wanted him to stay. Even though his eviction was unfortunate, he did produce an all-time reaction as Redditor thelonelyvigro says, “His eviction is probably one of my favorite things to ever happen on the show.” ​

Jessie Godderz – Big Brother 10

In Big Brother 10, Jessie was also a victim of an America’s player twist. Dan had to do America’s bidding for a week, which resulted in Jessie’s eviction.

Jessie is a polarizing figure in Big Brother. Some people hate him while others, like Redditor priestkalim, think “The dude is the single most charismatic person to ever enter the house as a player”. In week four, the HOH April wanted Memphis gone, but America’s player Dan flipped the vote on her. Jessie might have still been evicted without this twist, but it is unfortunate that Jessie had no shot campaigning to Dan for his vote. ​​​​

Jessie Godderz – Big Brother 11

Jessie is on this list twice as he is universally remembered as one of the unluckiest Big Brother players ever. He returned for Big Brother 11 and got royally screwed in week five.

There was a twist called the Coup d’etat, which meant whoever had this power could overthrow the HOH’s nominees right before eviction. Redditor jonimo724 says, “Coup d’etat, in general, is pretty unfair.” ​​​​Jeff, America’s sweetheart at the time, was granted this power by the public. Jessie was safe and on the side of the house with the majority until Jeff used this unfair power to put Jessie on the block and evict him. This twist is just too much, and Big Brother fans are happy that they have not seen it since.

Kathy Hillis – Big Brother 12

Although this was not a Coup d’etat, the twist that sent Kathy out of the house in Big Brother 12 felt similar. Redditor chainsmoker19 thinks “The Diamond Power of Veto” was an unfair twist in the game.

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Matt received the diamond power of veto through Pandora’s box, and it allowed him to change the nominees at the live eviction. Kathy was the victim of this twist as she replaced Matt on the block. Any twist that allows someone who is not the HOH to replace the nominees on eviction night is overpowered, and there was nothing Kathy could do to save herself.

Shelly Moore – Big Brother 13

Big Brother 13 featured the return of some loved players, like Rachel and Jordan. These players were so loved that fans think the show threw them a life preserver when they were in trouble, causing Shelly to be voted off instead.

Porsche was the HOH and opened Pandora’s box, which resulted in the doubles twist to return into the game. This gave Rachel and Jordan a big advantage in the veto competition, as Rachel won the same competition in week one. Rachel won again, so Shelly and her partner were forced on the block and Shelly was sent home. Shelly was a good player who made some decent moves. Reddit user hiponcronus says, “First off, I love Shelly and think she’s super underrated”. She would have had a good resume if she was not unjustly evicted.

Jodi Rollins – Big Brother 14

Jodi is a famous figure in Big Brother history, as she holds the record for the shortest time spent inside the Big Brother House at six hours. She was the very first night one evictee.

The show did not give Jodi a true shot at Big Brother. The competition she played in did not suit her, so she looked the worst at it and was obviously evicted by Dan. There was no way to sugarcoat how screwed Jodi was. Fans are still up in arms about her eviction as Redditor Jackson423843 says “You evict her in such a ridiculous manner that its made some fans feel so “uncomfortable” that they give up with ridiculous ways to rationalize it​​​​​​​”.

Judd Daugherty – Big Brother 15

Judd’s eviction from Big Brother 15 was unfair, but evictions like his are in Big Brother’s nature. Reddit user crazydaisyjane says, “It was hard to watch, but quintessential Big Brother!”

Judd was in the middle of a great game as no one targeted him. In the second half of week six’s double eviction he was blindsided by Aaryn and evicted. Judd’s boot from the house seems unfair just because he played such a good game that he deserved to stay in longer. He was playing a better game than some other houseguests who made it a lot further. Judd was a good, old-school player who could compete just as well in the modern era.

Frankie Grande – Big Brother 16

Frankie was most likely the only player on Big Brother 16 who could have challenged Derrick in the final two. He could have made it there if not for a ridiculous twist.

Frankie was HOH in week 11 and there was a mysterious button that appeared. They all agreed to push it, which canceled the vote on eviction night and rewound the game one week. In the second version of the week, Frankie went home, so he went from confirmed in the final four, to evicted in the final five. Derrick got lucky with the manner in which Frankie was voted out, as Redditor tarmon21 still thinks “the way he got out was bullsh*t.” ​​​​​​​

Jillian Parker – Big Brother 19

Jillian was unfairly evicted since Paul had safety for the first three weeks. If they are on the block, they most likely go instead of Jillian.

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Cody had to nominate a lot of people in week one, as Redditor puckbeaverton says “First HOH and he had to nominate a quarter of the damn house thanks to twists.” Jillian was a victim of these twists as Cody’s first and second targets were no longer available to be evicted. So many things had to go wrong for Jillian to go and, unfortunately for her, they all happened.

Cameron Heard – Big Brother 19

Cameron is part of the night one evictee club. The show rigged Paul to come back into the game, which resulted in Cameron’s eviction.

Cameron had no luck when he entered the house. If Paul never comes into the game, he had a real chance to go far. He also did not obtain any safety after Paul entered. He was extremely enthusiastic, and it was a real shame to see him leave the way he did. Reddit user Filibust says, “Poor Cameron. If Paul never entered, this season had the potential to be great.”

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