Big Bang Theory Showed You Mary’s Frisky Side Way Before Young Sheldon


Warning! Spoilers ahead for Young Sheldon season 6, episode 3.

Mary’s (Zoe Perry) frisky side on Young Sheldon has long been revealed on The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon’s (Iain Armitage) mother separated herself from the church after the congregation turned its back on her and her family. This allows her to loosen up, showing a little how she was before she became a devout Christian. Before Meemaw (Annie Potts) even revealed that her daughter was carefree and wild when she was a teenager, backed up by her own fantasies in Young Sheldon season 6, episode 3 – however, The Big Bang Theory already established this side of Mary.


In The Big Bang Theory season 7, episode 10, “The Mommy Observation,” Sheldon discovers his mother’s frisky side when he caught her having sex with her new boyfriend in Texas. The socially-inept genius accompanied his renowned engineer friend, Howard (Simon Helberg) to NASA where he was invited for a speaking engagement. Since he was already in the area, Sheldon decided to drop by and surprise his mom. Little did he know that Mary was busy with her boyfriend, Ron, whom she met at a prayer meeting. Despite being known for her uptight personality, Mary was, apparently, adventurous in bed, even doing the deed in different places around the house. This establishes her sensual side long before Young Sheldon started featuring this looser version of the Cooper matriarch.

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Fun Mary Is Great For Young Sheldon

Since its premiere, Young Sheldon maintained its depiction of the Cooper matriarch as an uptight and devoted Christian. This checks out with the majority of Mary’s appearances on The Big Bang Theory, but it was already becoming boring and stale. While the Cooper family evolved over the last five years of Young Sheldon, Mary continued to be a one-dimensional character who is defined only by her relationship with her church. Now, the CBS family comedy is exploring a different side of her, so she can be a fully fleshed-out character. It’s also beneficial for Young Sheldon‘s storytelling, as it opens fresh narrative opportunities to tackle that could help its sustainability in the long run.

Fun Mary Makes George’s Cheating More Heartbreaking

While fun Mary has been enjoyable to watch, her introduction is making a looming Cooper family tragedy more heartbreaking — George’s (Lance Barber) cheating and eventual death. Since distancing herself from the church, Sheldon’s mother has been coming out of her shell and allowing herself to relax and let loose in Young Sheldon season 6. While this is all in part of her dealing with a crisis of faith, Mary having fun has significantly impacted her marriage in a good way. It’s no secret that Mary and George’s relationship has been on the rocks for a while now, but initiating quality time with her husband seems to be helping them mend their broken dynamic. Unfortunately, this comes at a bad time given George’s impending death preceded by his cheating scandal — incidents that are set to happen in the next year or two. It would be very painful to see the Cooper parents finally fixing their marriage, only for Sheldon’s father to start cheating on her mom.

It’s uncertain how long fun Mary will last on Young Sheldon. The Big Bang Theory previously revealed that the Cooper matriarch will eventually revert to being judgmental and snooty. While she’s here, however, CBS needs to capitalize on all the storytelling possibilities her existence brings to the table. This new personality could also be the key for Mary to finally make a genuine connection with Missy (Raegan Revord) whom she tends to ignore because of her preference for Sheldon.

Young Sheldon season 6 airs Thursdays on CBS.

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