Below Deck Med: Why Storm’s Outburst At Natalya Was Long Overdue


Superyacht Home hit rough waters throughout Below Deck Mediterranean season 7, especially when new bosun Storm Smith and second steward Natalya Scudder’s fledgling relationship seemed to fizzle out. The pair had just begun dating when a heated night out caused Storm to finally lose his cool with Natalya. Fans are wondering if this is the end of yet another boatmance this season. Below Deck Med Season 7, episode 14, “In a Bind”, continued in the middle of Natalya and Storm’s tense night out, where he decided to promote deckhand Courtney Veale to lead deckhand once Jason Gaskell left. This promotion disappointed fan-favorite Below Deck Med deckhand Mzi Dempers who thought he would be a shoo-in for the position based on his close friendship with Storm.


Natalya thought the timing of the conversation was poor and accused Storm of always ruining the night by bringing work to the table. Natalya’s outburst caused Storm to dramatically leave the table and tell her to get out of his life. This outburst comes after Storm gifted Natalya a gold watch and insisted they were going too fast and should slow down. Storm was confused about the exchange and assured her that any pace she wanted to go was fine. Nonetheless, as Natalya got angrier at Kyle Viljoen and Natasha Webb’s laziness, she took her anger out on Storm, who seemed to do nothing right in her eyes.

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Is This The End of Storm & Natalya From Below Deck Med?

After the outburst off the boat, Below Deck Med fans were waiting to see how and when Natalya and Storm would make up. Unfortunately, the make-up conversation did not go as well as fans hoped. Natalya immediately shut down their relationship, insisting that she knows when she is in love with someone, and she’s not with Storm. Natalya doesn’t want to waste her time in a relationship if she doesn’t see herself getting married to the guy, and now that she has realized that, she friend-zoned him. Very similar to Chef Dave White’s romance with chief stew Natasha.

Fans are now annoyed with Natalya’s carelessness towards Storm, who has poured his heart out to her only to be chastised. Some fans accused Natalya of holding in all her feelings and lashing out at others when provoked. However, Storm did not escape fan criticism. Like Natalya, some viewers thought Storm had planned the promotion of Courtney poorly; work should be kept at work, and through Storm’s wanting to be a good bosun, he has become a ball of constant stress. Yet, despite the romance and interior drama, this season can not escape criticism from fans overall. Some are even calling Below Deck Med season 7 the worst season yet.

The season is almost done, and with less than three charters left, the cast must have more in store for guests and fans. Especially with the introduction of new American deckhand Reid Jenkins. One thing is for sure there is more drama ahead on Below Deck Med.

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Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.


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