Batman Is Now Officially Nightwing’s Sidekick, According to DC Writer


During 2022’s Batman Day celebrations, Tom Taylor claimed that the Dark Knight had become Nightwing’s sidekick (and Twitter proved it).

While the world just celebrated Batman Day, one DC writer has claimed that the Dark Knight has effectively become Nightwing’s sidekick. It’s certainly no secret that the original Robin is having a bit of a moment with his series consistently being one of the most popular ongoing DC titles in publication. As a result, Nightwing writer Tom Taylor made some pretty hilarious jokes in favor of Nightwing on Batman’s special day.

Having taken over the title at the dawn of DC’s Infinite Frontier era, Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo’s Nightwing has been a critical and commercial hit. Not only have they been proving Nightwing’s capacity as an A-List hero in the DC Universe, but Batman’s former sidekick has been doing things no other hero does (least of all Batman himself). Inheriting billions of dollars from the late Alfred Pennyworth, Dick Grayson got to work investing in all sorts of projects to improve his city’s infrastructure on a massive scale, helping the least fortunate and becoming Blüdhaven’s hero both with and without his mask. Likewise, the series has also proven Nightwing’s great heart and humility with so many other heroes and friends coming to his aid the moment he calls, knowing full well he’d do the same for them (and has over the years).


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As such, it’s not all that surprising that Nightwing was a trending topic on Twitter on Saturday the 17th. However, what makes it so noteworthy is that the third Saturday in September is Batman Day, a holiday that officially began in 2014 to celebrate the Dark Knight’s 75th anniversary. Seeing the irony, Tom Taylor got on Twitter to wish one of Nightwing’s “best sidekicks” a very happy day:

Taylor continued with a second post telling Nightwing fans to “let Batman have this one”, claiming that the other 364 days in the years belong to Dick Grayson. While it’s all in good fun, there is a ring of truth to the idea that Batman has been fulfilling more of a support role to Nightwing recently (rather than the other way around). Not only has Batman come to help Nightwing on occasion, Bruce Wayne even stepped between Dick and the villain Blockbuster when the crime boss tried throwing his weight around.

While Batman will always be the hero who trained and raised Dick Grayson as a surrogate father, Bruce has made it clear that he’s incredibly proud of all Dick has accomplished recently. As such, Batman is probably more than happy to be considered one of Nightwing’s sidekicks, content with being a support to Blüdhaven’s greatest defender when the need arises. It certainly brings things full circle for the hero who started his vigilante career as one of DC’s first sidekicks.


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