Batman Finally Settles His Favorite Movie Batmobile


Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Batman: Beyond the White Knight #5

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ Batman: Beyond the White Knight, Bruce Wayne officially settles on his favorite movie Batmobile choice, proving that his tastes haven’t changed. In Sean Murphy’s White Knight saga set in an alternate version of Gotham City, all of Batman’s vehicles are those that have been seen on TV or in the movies. As such, the Dark Knight gets his pick of some of the most iconic Batmobiles of all time in this new issue, arguably making the perfect choice when he needs to make a quick escape.


Previously in Batman: Beyond the White Knight, Bruce Wayne had been serving his sentence after he publicly unmasked to Gotham City. Wanting to show that no one is above the law, Bruce Wayne turned himself to answer for his crimes as Batman, even though the majority were comitted in service to the people of Gotham. However, the emergence of a new Batman (Terry McGinnis’ Batman Beyond) has prompted Bruce to break out of prison to keep Gotham and his legacy safe seeing as how Terry is wearing dangerous and experimental armor stolen from the Batcave. Joined by an AI version of the late Jack Napier via a chip the actual Joker secretly embedded into Bruce’s brain years earlier, Bruce has donned a new low-tech tactical suit as an unmasked Dark Knight.

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Now, the new Batman: Beyond the White Knight #5 sees Bruce confronting Terry who’s being mentored by Derek Powers in this alternate reality. Revealing the dark truth that Terry’s father was murdered by Powers himself, Bruce is unable to stop Terry from lashing out at Derek, inadvertently causing an explosion that rocks the building while also causing Powers to be covered in chemicals, officially turning him into the classic Batman Beyond villain known as Blight. Needing a quick escape, Bruce and Napier come across a garage full of Bruce’s old Batmobiles ranging from the 1966 version from the Adam West starring series to 2022’s Batmobile driven by Robert Pattinson’s Batman. While Napier is quite interested in The Dark Knight trilogy’s Tumbler, Bruce still decides to go with the classic 1989 Batmobile from the Tim Burton-directed Batman films, the same one he drove in Batman: Curse of the White Knight #7.

Why Batman’s Preferred Batmobile Is Still The Perfect Choice

Despite Joker’s complaints, Batman did say in the previous Curse of the White Knight series that the Burton Batmobile was his favorite. However, he didn’t have the same kind of selection he does here in Beyond the White Knight. While some may argue that Batman should have driven one of the other Batmobiles, it seems this version of Batman knows what he likes and is sticking to it. Because this particular Batmobile was the first live-action movie car, it makes sense that it would have a special place in the Dark Knight’s heart as it was probably one of his first ones in the Murphy-verse too. It’s also a good indication that the Burton Batmobile is quite likely Murphy’s favorite as well.

At any rate, the Burton Batmobile came through yet again for Batman in the White Knight universe, continuing to be the preferred ride of choice and officially settling the matter of the Dark Knight’s favorite Batmobile once and for all (now that he had an entire garage full of iconic cars to choose from). Batman: Beyond the White Knight #5 is on sale now.

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