Bachelor In Paradise: Why Michael’s Break-Up With Sierra Was Shocking


Bachelor In Paradise season 8 has been filled with twists and turns, but Michael Allio and Sierra Jackson’s break-up has been one of the most shocking moments of the season so far. Michael, who fans didn’t want as The Bachelor, was a fan-favorite on The Bachelorette season 17, while Sierra recently appeared on The Bachelor season 26. Michael and Sierra were both day-one arrivals on the beach, and the two had an instant connection. Michael even gave Sierra his rose at the first rose ceremony, but a few days later, he ended their relationship as he felt Sierra was coming off too strong. As a result, Sierra self-eliminated while Michael opted to stay on the beach.


Michael ending things with Sierra was shocking to many fans, as it seemed to come out of nowhere. Many fans did not understand Michael’s reasoning that Sierra was moving the relationship too quickly, as Bachelor In Paradise relationships are always fast-moving as a result of the environment that they are in. Michael and Sierra had a conversation where Michael, from Katie Thurston’s The Bachelorette season, opened up about the grief he felt as a result of his wife Laura dying from cancer, and Sierra showed him immense support. Michael also made it clear that he was looking for a woman to be a good stepmother to his son James and later told some of the men that Sierra had alluded to herself possibly being James’ step-mom one day. However, given the nature of BIP, fans were confused as to how Michael thought Sierra came on too strong.

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Michael Did Not Want To Pursue Another Woman On Bachelor In Paradise

Michael ending his budding romance with Sierra was also confusing as he did not have any other women on the beach that he wished to pursue but decided to stick around. After Sierra, from Clayton Echard’s The Bachelor season, left, there were 12 men on the beach, while there were only seven women. As the majority of women were already coupled up, so this did not leave Michael with many options to form a new connection. Michael even pointed out that there would be five men going home at the rose ceremony and that he was scared he would be one of them. BIP fans were confused, yet again, as he knew all of this when he decided to end things with Sierra.

While Michael is a fan favorite, many viewers do not believe Michael is ready to be on BIP. Michael often talks about Laura and how much they loved one another, which fans understand as her death was incredibly heart-breaking. However, fans think Michael needs to take a little more time to fully heal before hopping back into dating. When Sierra, who threw Instagram shade at Clayton, left the beach, she expressed that she did not feel that she could live up to the forever love that Michael would always have for Laura. This was understandable too, as everyone wants to be their partner’s everything, even if they have a difficult past.

Fans applauded Sierra for choosing to self-eliminate and commended her for staying true to herself. It is clear that Sierra cared for Michael, and she admitted that she did not want to stick around and watch him date other women. Sierra also expressed that she did not have any interest in dating the other guys, showing her maturity. While fans hoped to see Michael and Sierra’s relationship work out, they are glad that both of them were honest with one another and did what was best for them.

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Bachelor In Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.


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